In Conversation

In Conversation – Rachel Fordham

(First aired: October 2, 2018) Sheila Bender talks in studio with Marrowstone Island author Rachel Fordham about writing and publishing her first romance novel and then writing two more.


In Conversation – John O’Connor

(First aired September 18, 2018) Sheila Bender interviews poet and songwriter John O’Connor via phone to talk about how he turned to writing poetry at age 50, learned from the great poets, and eventually won a literary contest that included the publication of his first book of poems.


In Conversation – Ellen Forney

(First aired September 4, 2018) Sheila Bender speaks via phone with book-length cartoonist Ellen Forney about her recent nonfiction graphic books concerning bi-polar disorder, and her cartooning and teaching career.


In Conversation – Michael Buschmohle

(first aired August 21, 2018). Sheila Bender talks in studio with Marrowstone Island author Michael Buschmohle about writing tips and his career in helping writers create and edit effective email, speeches, blogs and more.


In Conversation – Bob McEliece

(first aired August 7, 2018). Host Sheila Bender talks in studio with Bellevue, WA author Robert Devereux McEliece to discuss his memoir, “The Faithful Sextant,” and to explore his desire to study writing and leave a legacy memoir for family, friends and others.


In Conversation – Dan Zobrist

(first aired July 24, 2018). Sheila Bender interviews Port Townsend resident Dan Zobrist about his book, Flaky’s Big Dream, written for young readers and inspired by science education programs he created for children while a Park Ranger in Alaska.


In Conversation – Jonathan Stratman

(first aired July 10, 2018). Jonathan Stratman joins Sheila Bender via phone from Eugene, Oregon to discuss his novel series that makes pre-state Alaska come alive for middle grade and adult readers.


In Conversation – Curtis White and Cheston Knapp

(first aired June 26, 2018). Sheila Bender talks in studio with Port Townsend novelist and culture critic Curtis White about his newest novel, and Portland author Cheston Knapp about his collection of linked essays, during a Port Townsend stop on their joint book tour.


In Conversation – Barbara Sjoholm

(first aired June 12, 2018). Sheila Bender talks to Port Townsend author Barbara Sjoholm about her newest book Black Fox, the story of Danish artist and ethnographer Emilie Demant Hatt who lived with Sami families in their tents and on migrations.


In Conversation – Betsy Howell

(first aired May 29, 2018). Port Townsend author Betsy Howell talks in studio with Sheila Bender about the writing of her second novel, The Marvelous Orange Tree: A Civil War Novel, a story about women soldiers in the Civil War.


In Conversation – Leesa Renee Hall

(first aired May 15, 2018). Sheila talks via phone with Toronto author Leesa Renee Hall about her start as a writer and how she helps people use expressive writing to examine prejudices.


In Conversation – Vicki Horton

(first aired May 1, 2018). Port Townsend author Vicki Horton joins host Sheila Bender in the KPTZ studio to discuss the influence of the Fisher Poets on her writing and publishing.


In Conversation – Bill Thorness

(first aired April 17, 2018). Seattle author, bike enthusiast and gardening expert Bill Thorness joins host Sheila Bender via phone to discuss his book, Cycling the Pacific Coast: The Complete Guide from Canada to Mexico.


In Conversation – Margaret Rozga

(first aired April 3, 2018). Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Milwaukee poet Margaret Rozga about her body of work that weaves the personal with community activism.


In Conversation – Jonathan Evison

(first aired March 20, 2018). Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Jonathan Evison, Olympic Peninsula resident and author of five novels, which include The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving and Lawn Boy.


In Conversation – Kevin O’Brien

(first aired March 6, 2018). Kevin O’Brien, member of the Seattle 7 Writers group and author of 19 thrillers, joins host Sheila Bender to discuss his career and what it’s like penning books about murder and mayhem.


In Conversation – Harriot West

(first aired February 20, 2018). Host Sheila Bender talks with Eugene poet Harriot West to discuss her work in the Japanese poetry forms of Haibun and Haiku.


In Conversation – Pranesh Cadman

(first aired February 6, 2018). Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone Seattle Zen practitioner Pranesh Cadman (formerly Edward Cadman) about his practice of writing incense poems.


In Conversation – Sarah Zale

(first aired January 23, 2018). Sheila Bender speaks in studio with Port Townsend Poet and activist Sarah Zale about her writing and the creation of a local community arts project.


In Conversation – Alison Townsend

(first aired January 9, 2018). Host Sheila Bender interviews Wisconsin poet and essayist Alison Townsend to talk about her poems and award-winning prose essay on the meaning of rivers in her life.


In Conversation – Dahr Jamail

(first aired December 26, 2017). Host Sheila Bender talks with Port Townsend resident Dahr Jamail about how and why he became a journalist for progressive publications such as Truthout.


In Conversation – Sharon Cumberland

(first aired December 12, 2017). Host Sheila Bender speaks with Seattle poet and Seattle University Professor Sharon Cumberland about her new collection of poems and her writing and teaching career.


In Conversation – Jim Jones

(first aired November 28, 2017). Host Sheila Bender speaks with Seattle letterpress printer, author, and poet Jim Jones about his time working with Alan Ginsberg and his writings about Jack Kerouac.


In Conversation – Judith Sornberger

(first aired November 14, 2017). Host Sheila Bender speaks with Pennsylvania poet and essayist Judith Sornberger about her poems born both from loss and from new love.


In Conversation – Marcia Breece

(first aired October 31, 2017). Host Sheila Bender talks to Port Townsend resident Marcia Breece about her writing and her work as a book publishing consultant.


In Conversation – Pamela Dionne

(first aired October 17, 2017). Host Sheila Bender speaks with Port Townsend resident Pamela Dionne about her recent fiction and her current experience in the Goddard low-residency MFA program.