In Conversation

Dianne Avey

(First airdate: December 10, 2019) Sheila Bender talks via phone with Anderson Island poet Dianne Avey about her recent chapbook, a memoir in poems, and about her work as director of the Anderson Island Writers’ Retreat.

Toni Kennedy

(First airdate: November 26, 2019) Sheila Bender talks to Toni Kennedy about her memoir, “Far from Home,” in which she explores the family life and personal attributes that led her to become a nun and then leave the order 25 years later for secular life.

Lynda Monk

(First airdate: November 3, 2019) In Conversation host Sheila Bender connects via phone with Lynda Monk, Director of the International Association for Journal Writing, about her goals for the organization and how journaling helps people heal and transform their lives.

Molly Tinsley

(First airdate: October 15, 2019) Host Sheila Bender visits via phone with Oregon author Molly Tinsley to learn about her new novel Things Too Big to Name, and to gain insight into her long writing career.

Marilyn Stablein

(First airdate: October 1, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks with Portland poet and book artist Marilyn Stablein about her poetry and the inspiration for her book art.

Kirk Boxleitner

(First airdate: September 17, 2019) Sheila Bender interviews Port Townsend journalist and reporter Kirk Boxleitner about his life in journalism and coming to Port Townsend for a position at The Leader, our weekly community newspaper.

Ed Harkness

(First airdate: September 3, 2019) Host Sheila Bender interviews Seattle poet Ed Harkness about his latest volume of poetry, The Law of the Unforeseen, as well as about his new work and his start in poetry.

John Delaney

(First airdate: August 20, 2019) Host Sheila Bender speaks in studio with Port Townsend resident John Delaney about his newest book Twenty Questions and how he’s seen poetry change since receiving his MFA in poetry in the nineteen seventies.

Charles Fleishman

(First airdate: August 6, 2019) Host Sheila Bender turns the microphone around to interview KPTZ sound engineer/editor Charlie Fleishman about his own writing, his work with authors, and his accomplished editing for “In Conversation.”

Peter Donahue

(Reprise airdate: July 23, 2019) Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with author Peter Donahue about his book Three Sides Water in the repeat of a broadcast that originally aired in January 2019.

Ariadne Shaffer

(First airdate: July 9, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with former Seattle resident Ariadne Shaffer about her work as a screenwriter in Los Angeles.

Susan Landgraf

(Reprise airdate: June 25, 2019) Host Sheila Bender interviews Seattle poet and teacher Susan Landgraf in the repeat of a broadcast that originally aired in October 2018.

Lauren Davis

(First airdate: June 11, 2019) Sheila Bender of In Conversation hosts Port Townsend poet Lauren Davis in the KPTZ studio to discuss her new poetry chapbook and her work in the literary hub of Port Townsend.

Amy Hewes

(First airdate: May 28, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with San Luis Obispo, CA writer Amy Hewes about writing opinion columns for her local alternative newspaper.

Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano

(Reprise airdate: May 14, 2019) In Conversation turns back the calendar to February 2015 to rebroadcast Sheila Bender’s interview with poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, who co-authored The Daily Poet: Day-by-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice.

Stewart Pugh

(First airdate: April 30, 2019) Host Sheila Bender welcomes Port Townsend resident Stewart Pugh to the KPTZ studio to discuss his recent work clearing out the books and archives of Dragon Gate Press, a 1980s Port Townsend publishing house

Marcia Myers

(First airdate: April 16, 2019) Host Sheila Bender visits in studio with recent Port Townsend resident Marcia Myers to talk about the writing and production of her three coffee table books.

Holly J. Hughes

(Reprise airdate: April 2, 2019) Host Sheila Bender interviews local-area poet and writing teacher Holly J. Hughes in a repeat of a broadcast that first aired in November, 2014.

Rashida Scholz

(First airdate: March 19, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks with Rashida Scholz about her Grace Bloods series, novels penned under the name Jasmine Silvera. The setting is in an alternate present-day Prague, where a mortal woman draws on the power of gods through dance in solving murders.

Constantine J. Singer

(First airdate: March 5, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with former Seattle and now LA resident Constantine J. Singer about his first novel Strange Days, a science fiction story written for the Young Adult market in which as an impending alien invasion threatens Earth’s future, a 17-year-old grapples with self-doubt, loss and love.

Laura Weaver

(First airdate: February 19, 2019 Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with Colorado poet and spiritual guide Laura Weaver about the poems in her book Luminous:  Poems and Inquiry for the Soul’s Journey.  

Kevin Clark

(First airdate: February 5, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks by phone with California poet Kevin Clark about his poetry, career as a poet, and how he teaches new poets to write toward surprise. 

William Powers

(First airdate: January 22, 2019) Host Sheila Bender travels 9000 kilometers via Skype to interview William Powers at his home in Bolivia. Powers is a Senior Fellow at the New York City-based think tank World Policy Institute, and his new book is Dispatches From The Sweet Life: One Family, Five Acres, and a Community’s Quest to Reinvent the World.

Peter Donahue

(First airdate: January 8, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Washington novelist Peter Donahue about his new book Three Sides Water, three short novels containing a cast of disparate characters finding their way during different decades in communities around the Olympic Peninsula.

David Cunningham

(First airdate: December 25, 2018) Sheila Bender interviews KPTZ’s own David Cunningham about his career as a journalist and author.

Mary Mackey

(First airdate: December 11, 2018) Sheila Bender talks via phone with California poet, novelist and Emeritus Professor Mary Mackey about her writing and her career efforts to advance environmental awareness and women’s opportunities to publish their writing.