Everybody Can

Blue Heron Middle School

(First airdate: March 19, 2019) Preparing kids for Emergencies. Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can unpacks the needs and activities of the Blue Heron Middle School Parent Teacher Association with Frank De Palma and Debbie Sonandre.  Find out how you can help education in our community and no child is needed to step up!

Skillmation – Impacting Lives One Student at a Time

(First airdate: April 2, 2019) Ben Bauermeister and Martha Trolin of Skillmation share with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can the growth and opportunities of mentorship for not only the students in the classroom but also for those who come alongside in a mentorship role.

Behind the Microphone, Part 2
Boards and More!

(First airdate: March 19, 2019) From kitchen tables to log cabins in the frigid Arctic, learn how non-profit community radio leaders Robert Ambrose and Colin Foden led radio stations from startup to our very own “Radio Reimagined” campaign today.

AARP Tax Aid

(First airdate: March 5, 2019) Ready to Assist. Filing a tax return can be daunting to many of us. Learn about the AARP free tax preparation assistance program as Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can delves into the topic with volunteer tax preparer Yvonne Starkey.

Key City Theater – Unmasking the Opportunities!

(First airdate: February 19, 2019) Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen speaks with Denise Winter of Key City Public Theatre about her 13 years as the artistic director. In that time, KCPT has served nearly 15,000 patrons per year and produced over 200 performances, events and workshops. Learn how you can contribute your time and talent to this landmark performance company.

Behind the Microphone with Kate Ingram

(First airdate: February 5, 2019) KPTZ’s own Kate Ingram reveals to Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen the many working parts behind the microphone at KPTZ. From the history of KPTZ to the many scores of dedicated volunteers, find out how this local public station keeps our community informed on local and global issues.

Olympic Pet Pals

(First airdate: January 22, 2019) Therapy Services Dogs that Bring Smiles. Everybody Can talks to Pam Kolacy and Carla Ellis of the Olympic Mountain Pet Pals – an organization dedicated to therapy outreach to seniors and students, as well as providing low cost spay and neutering services for our companion animals in Jefferson County. Learn how you can join this effort to reduce euthanasia in our shelters and bring smiles to those in our community who are unable to have a furry companion.

Marine Science Center, 2018

(Reprise – first airdate: March 20, 2018) This reprise of Everybody Can dives in with Diane Quinn, program director for the Port Townsend Marine Science Center along with Jo Ferrero to provide our listeners with the inside story about volunteering at this well-loved landmark located at Ft. Worden. From tides to shorelines, docents to citizen scientists – the opportunities abound for community connections.

Holiday Meals
Serving Up Hope and Conversation

(First airdate: December 25, 2018) The Tri Area Annual Christmas dinner takes dedicated volunteers year over year to provide warmth, food and conversation not only for those less fortunate but also those desiring a community meal with others. Join the conversation and learn how Rita Hubbard and volunteers effortlessly manage this heartwarming holiday meal.


Walking and Cycling Through History on the Chetzemoka Trail

(First airdate: December 11, 2018) Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can invites you to explore our city along with trail-blazing volunteers Lys Burden and Celeste May. Working to develop a walking and bike trail system along the historic path of Chief Chetzemoka’s life, one will discover signage informing the recreational user of a time long past. Learn how you can walk or bike through history in our town or simply contribute to this new project.


Holiday Meals
Serving Up Hope and Conversation

(First airdate: November 27, 2018) The Tri Area Annual Christmas dinner takes dedicated volunteers year over year to provide warmth, food and conversation with those less fortunate and those desiring a community meal with others. Join the conversation and discover how Rita Hubbard effortlessly manages this heartwarming holiday meal.


Local 20/20 Beyond Waste and Health & Wellness Action Group

(First airdate: November 13, 2018) Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen picks up the conversation with Local 20/20, an all-volunteer organization that works toward local sustainability and resilience. Al Bergstein of the Health and Wellness Action Group along with Lisa Crosby of Beyond Waste, shares how their groups effort to educate and inform our community on these topics.


RSVP Seniors Caring and Sharing their Time and Talent

(First airdate: October 30, 2018) Join our program as Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) Program Manager Jane Covella and Kim Redmond of the Olycap Senior Nutrition Program share with us the powerful impact of this 50-year-plus organization. Learn more about the contributions our retired seniors make in the Olympic Peninsula and its nearly $900,00 of financial impact to our region. Opportunities to connect and change lives abound under the umbrella of this valued organization.


Center Valley Animal Rescue
Furry, Fuzzy and Beyond

(First airdate: October 16, 2018) Missy Nielsen of Everbody Can converses with Pat Todd of the Center Valley Animal Rescue organization. Pat shares heartwarming and insightful information about the process of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing both domestic and wildlife animals. Learn about the many ways folks can get involved with this “no-kill” shelter located just outside Quilcene.


Local 20-20, Part 2 – Food Council/Resiliency of Heart

(First airdate: October 2, 2018) Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can presents two of the action groups that are born out of the Local 20-20 organization. The Food Council and the Heart of Art endeavor to educate us on the relationship of food and art on the health of our community. Suzanne Jones and Judy Alexander share the insights and efforts of these two Local 20-20 initiatives.


Kinetic Skulpture 2018: Super Mediocre-Super Silly

(First airdate: September 18, 2018) Michael Bitman maneuvers the ins and outs of the Kinetic Skulpture race as the Course Commissioner. He and with the Top Kop of this zany group share with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can the history, art and engineering of this fun nonprofit. Connecting with this crowd guarantees belly laughs as well as artful opportunities.


Local 20-20, Part 1

(First airdate: September 4, 2018) Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can presents two of the action groups that are born out of the Local 2020 organization – Transportation and Climate Change – two very intertwined actions groups within the Local 20/20 effort. Hear how Cindy Jayne and David Thielk work to educate and inform the community on these two very critical topics impacting our community.


The Food Co-op, Community Commitment to Sharing

(First airdate: Auust 21, 2018) Andrea Stafford, Marketing Manager at The Food Co-op, spills the beans on the various ways the Food Co-Op gives back to community. Food for thought abounds as Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen discusses with Andrea their efforts in the school district and how the Co-op commits to the four pillars of health and wellness through their outreach programs.


PT Film Festival – 19 Years Growing

(First airdate: August 7, 2018) Join Everybody Can‘s Missy Nielsen as she talks with the folks at the Port Townsend Film Festival. Sonny Flores, Festival Operations Manager, and the newest member of the film family, Charlie Van Glider, volunteer coordinator, share insights on some of the more interesting volunteer opportunities at the 19th Annual Film Festival coming September 21-23 to a theater near you.


Jefferson County Hospice Foundation

(Reprise first airdate: July 24, 2018) As KPTZ absorbs the recent death of host Wendell Ankeny of the Old Time Radio Show, we are reminded of the incredible support that our community receives from Hospice Care. This timeless show hosted by Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey, talks with Kris Lawson of the Jefferson Healthcare Hospice program and Tom Duke, president of the Hospice Foundation Board about the everyday work of a hospice volunteer.


Gathering Place

(First airdate: June 26, 2018) Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen speaks with Linda Ferris, founder of The Gathering Place, and also with Mike Cosin, and a new staffer there.


Boiler Room and Blankets & Beyond

(First airdate: June 12, 2018) Amy Howard, executive director of The Boiler Room and mentor to PT High School Senior Naya Krienke both share with us how volunteering inspired Naya to respond to a need that eventually became her Senior project. Naya’s blankets for the homeless grew out of a simple conversation with a customer at The Boiler Room, an amazing gathering place that inspires creativity, provides job training and offers “Adulting” seminars – and, yes, great cookies. Join us for a heartfelt discussion as we learn how Naya and Amy impact our community with their heart for others.


Northwest Maritime Center

(First airdate: May 20, 2018) Get Ready to Ruckus! Join Missy Nielsen, host of Everybody Can as she visits with Angel Hewitson, volunteer coordinator and Barb Trailer, Director of the Wooden Boat Festival. This conversation explores volunteer recruitment, management and retention while looking ahead to the recently launched race Seventy48. This race launches from Tacoma and culminates with the R2AK send-off.


Expedition Club – Creating Cultural Connections

(First airdate: May 1, 2018) James Roberts, aka “Robbie”, founder of The Expedition Club, along with PTHS Senior Mimi Molotsky, share their vision of this cultural travel organization with the host of Everybody Can, Missy Nielsen. Sharing service opportunities, skills, cultures and, ultimately, lives over a 6-week stay in the rural mountain region of Thailand, Robbie and Mimi give us a look into the world beyond our borders.


AAUW Kitchen Tour

(First airdate: April 17, 2018) Join Missy Nielsen, host of Everybody Can as she discusses AAUW’s commitment to scholars, women and kitchens in Port Townsend. Jean Stasney, Co-President of AAUW and Celia Fry, UWF Vice-President of Scholarships, discuss how unique this particular chapter of the American Association of University Women is and how you can support their efforts to bring higher education to women.


Teresa Verraes, PT School of the Arts

(First airdate: April 3, 2018) Teresa Verraes, of the Port Townsend School of the Arts, joins host Missy Nielsen, of “Everybody Can” in a conversation about the growth of the school within the ‘Lifelong learning” mission of Fort Worden. Consider how our “Victorian Seaport and Arts Community” resonates in their work and reflect how you might embrace the “Art of Living” through expression and creativity at the PT School of the Arts.