Compass for the Week of 6/24/2019

Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows drew the final curtain on May 2, 2017, closing after 146 years. Immediately after, the city of Baraboo, Wisconsin (historic home of the Ringling Brothers) extended a heartfelt invitation to ALL former employees of the Greatest Show on Earth to attend its festival that summer as honored guests and Grand Marshalls of the Annual Circus Parade. KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker attended, not only to cover the event, but also as a former Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus clown. In this reprise of an earlier Compass episode, we revisit some of these employees, especially those who took care of the Circus Train — the Show’s home on the rails — as it reached its final run.
Also, a year ago, we gathered together some Swan School kids for a “Question & Answer Session,” and we thought it would be fun to revisit their answers.

Compass for 6/17/2019

We take a very different look at climate change than you have ever heard before on the Compass. Over the last six years, we have aired 46 programs looking at the threats of global warming, but today, we talk with an engineer who says he can prove that we have been getting it all wrong.

Compass for the Week of 6/10/2019

We go with Jared DuFresne to a meeting of  Port Townsend’s Boy Scouts of America’s first-ever all-girl scout troop. Listen as troop leaders Ron and Janette Linn, along with their daughter and scout patrol leader, Evelynn, as they discuss the benefits of this change. Then join Missy Nielsen as she discusses with Darlene Schanfald of the National Wastewater Residuals Grassroots Network, the little-known challenges of wastewater, and the biological waste material found in bio solids, creating major issues for life in and around the waters of Puget Sound.

Compass for the Week of 5/27/2019

In this, the second of two reports from Compass on the Global Earth Repair Conference, Chris Bricker visits the issue of breaching four lower Snake River Dams. We hear from filmmaker Michael Peterson, and Jim Waddell, retired Army Corps of Engineers.  We’ll also hear conference keynote remarks from writer and speaker, Charles Eisenstein, along with some childhood memories of the lower Snake river from Carrie Nightwalker Schuster, Matriarch of the Lower Snake River Palouse.

Compass for the Week of 5/20/2019

This week on the Compass, we talk with a Port Townsend husband-and-wife team, trained in the fields of science and investigation, who will be sharing what they know about some very mysterious and mystical subjects.

Compass for the Week of 5/13/2019

On this week’s hour-long Compass special, we join the hundreds of scientists, farmers, tribal elders, students, and environmental activists who came to Port Townsend from around the world recently for the Global Earth Repair Conference.

Compass for the Week of 5/06/2019

This week on the Compass, we visit what its discoverer is calling the Quimper Lost Wilderness, a slice of ancient rain-shadow forest that has somehow escaped the lumberjacks’ saws despite its close proximity to civilization…until now.

Compass for the Week of 4/29/2019

This week on the Compass, we bring you two stories from two new members of the KPTZ news team. First, Missy Nielsen talks with emerging filmmaker Dianna Lanham about her recent meteoric rise from obscurity. And then Jared DuFresne talks with a woman who leads local discussion groups that attempt to influence American foreign policy.

Compass for the Week of 4/22/2019

We visit with film director, writer, expatriate, and food fan Robin Willis. He’ll tell us about a wonderful 17-stool eatery just off the famous La Ramblia Boulevard in Barcelona, called Bar Pinotxo. It has a colorful history that spans three generations, and he has written a joyful and poignant book in celebration of its history, its stories and its recipes. In March, he brought part of the Bar Pinotxo menu to Port Townsend for an event called “Cenar con Pinotxo,” or a “Spanish Train Wreck” as he fondly calls it. We also visit hardy merchants and a few kids (goats, that is) at the opening day of Port Townsend’s Farmers Market.

Compass for the Week of 4/15/2019

This week on the Compass, we take you to lectures by a New York Times number-one best-selling author, held in Chimacum and Quilcene, where the audiences were as excited as little kids… because that’s exactly who they were.

Compass for the Week of 4/08/2019

This week on the Compass, local activists Doug Milholland and Julia Cochrane talk to Compass correspondent Charlie Bermant about the importance of staying involved and active in social issues, as if our lives depend on it. Which it often does. Civil disobedience has always been part of Port Townsend’s DNA, but has gained frequency and power in reaction to new government programs.

Compass for the Week of 4/01/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with a feminist historian about the historical role bicycles played in women’s liberation, and then we talk with a man who spent his career working at a nuclear weapons lab trying to prevent the bomb’s proliferation.

Compass for the Week of 3/25/2019

KPTZ Reporter Chris Bricker brings us another installment from the NEW OLD TIME CHAUTAUQUA HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER PROJECT. From the windy plains of the Piikani Nation in Alberta, Canada, elder Dila Provost tells her stories and the stories her elders told her. She talks about her family, the boarding schools, trauma, and the encouraging resurgence of Blackfoot culture among the youth.

Compass for the Week of 3/18/2019

This week on the Compass, we talk with a New York playwright who brought a very unusual play to Port Townsend – a comedy about climate change. And judging by audience reactions, that subject actually can be very funny.

Compass for the Week of 3/11/2019

This week on the Compass, host Charlie Bermant discusses the state of the modern media with local journalist Bill Lindstrom and former Port Townsend Leader owner Scott Wilson, who along with his family is featured in Lindstrom’s recently published book Strait Press, an exploration of the Northern Olympic Peninsula’s rich journalistic history.

Compass for the Week of 3/04/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with Friends of the Trees Founder Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski about plans for the upcoming Global Earth Repair Conference, which will bring luminaries of the sustainability movement from around the world to Fort Worden to quite literally try to figure out how to save the world.

Compass for the Week of 2/25/2019

This week on the Compass, KPTZ Reporter Chris Bricker brings us another installment from the NEW OLD TIME CHAUTAUQUA HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER PROJECT. From a teepee on the windy plains of Alberta, Canada, two Piikani tribal elders of the Blackfoot Confederacy speak of First Nation sovereignty, Treaty rights, and the importance of handing sacred traditions and stories down to the younger generations.

Compass for the Week of 2/18/2019

Cannabis has medicinal qualities that haven’t been proven, as it is still illegal to study the drug. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that supports its curative properties. On this week’s Compass we talk to Dawn Darrington, who maintains that medicinal pot cured her breast cancer. Whether you believe that or not, it’s clear that cannabis isn’t just for getting high anymore.

Compass for the Week of 2/11/2019

The publisher of the Port Townsend Leader newspaper tells us what went wrong last year, takes most of the blame himself, and explains why he expects a bright future for local journalism.

Compass for the Week of 2/04/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with award-winning journalist Dahr Jamail about his new book titled The End of Ice, for which he circled the globe to document in devastating detail the heartbreaking realities of runaway climate disruption.

Compass for the Week of 1/28/2018

This week on the Compass, our reporter Chris Bricker attends a training in which elders at San Juan Villa learn songwriting from six professionals as part of the Bringing the Music Home Project, an evidence-based program aimed at promoting cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being.

Compass for the Week of 1/14/2019

This week, Compass focuses on the upcoming fire annexation proposal, which is to be addressed by the voters on February 12. To discuss the proposal we have Port Townsend Mayor Deborah Stinson and East Jefferson Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Bill Beezley, discussing the pros and cons of bringing city fire services under the East Jefferson Fire Rescue umbrella.

Compass for the Week of 1/07/2019

This week on the Compass, we talk with a matchmaker (YMCA’s Building Futures Program Coordinator Dana Nixon) who brings selected local school-kids together with the adult mentors who can change the direction of their lives.

Compass for the Week of 12/31/2018

This week on the Compass we join a gathering of farmers around a bonfire built not only on hopes for rich and productive soil, but also on the dream of helping to reverse the climate crisis.  With Orchardist Cameron Denning, Farmer Brian Bakker, Experimental Gardener Norm Baker, Olympic Biochar Founder Francesco Tortorici, and Forage Executive Director Kai Hoffman-Krull.

Compass for the Week of 12/24/2018

Canada-based Caravan Stage Company was created in 1970 by Paul Kirby and Adriana Kelder as a one-wagon puppet show traveling on Vancouver Island.  Over the years they grew into a 25 person company of actors, musicians, artists and technicians, touring in 6 large wagons, each drawn by a team of perfectly matched Clydesdale horses.  Twenty years and twenty-thousand horse-drawn miles later, Caravan Stage Company took to the sea on a replica of a Thames River Sailing Barge. Their adventures have taken them all over the world, and along the rivers, lakes, seacoast and waterways of North America. KPTZ caught up with the troupe when they visited Point Hudson Marina for a series of shows. In this second installment of his coverage of their visit, KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker goes shipboard to meet the cast and crew of Caravan Stage Company’s production, Nomadic Tempest.

Compass for the Week of 12/17/2018

This week on the Compass we take you inside the only infant nursery in Jefferson County. If you’re a young parent who has babies … or a senior citizen who likes holding them … you’ll want to join us!