Coastal Café

Seaweed Harvesting and Cultivation

(Airdate: February 12, 2023) In this episode of Coastal Cafe, host Ashli Blow takes us into our underwater forests to explore Washington’s emerging seaweed farms. We hear from several voices including Washington Sea Grant Carbon Specialist Meg Chadsey, Pacific Sea Farms Co-Founder Mike Spranger, S’Klallam Vice Tribal Chair Loni Grinnell-GreningerLee-Ann Ennis of the Vital Kelp Restoration Project, and Vashon Island Kelp Forest Owner Mike Kollins. Together, we learn about the economics and environmental benefits of kelp and seaweed as well as the limitations.  

UW Marine Reseearch Vessel Fleet

(Airdate: October 26, 2022) Did you know the University of Washington operates a large research ship that travels as far as the South Pacific and Alaska for scientific research? This episode of Coastal Café is a conversation with Robert Kamphaus, the director of marine operations for the University of Washington, operators of  the research vessels Thomas G. Thompson and Rachel Carson. Detailing their missions, capabilities and contributions to oceanography’s knowledge base Mr. Kamphaus takes us on board for a “tour.”

Earth Lab: A Different Kind of Lab

(Airdate: August 31, 2022) EarthLab is a an institute at the University of Washington’s College of the Environment – a small but mighty program that seeks out innovative, just and equitable solutions to environmental challenges. Earthlab is breaking new ground, bringing university research into applicable, real-world situations and finding solutions. Host MaryAnn Wagner talks with EarthLab’s Executive Director Ben Packard to learn how they address these environmental challenges by building relationships between the University and public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Washington State Ferries

(Airdate: August 17, 2022) Join host Aaron Barnett for a very informative talk with Washington State Ferries Director of Marine Operations Steve Nevey. Steve shares some of the challenges faced with staffing and scheduling during the height of pandemic and the current uptick in COVID-19 cases among ferry crew. Steve is also gracious enough to describe what it takes to get a job on the ferries as well.

Update on Abandoned and Derelict Removal Program

(Airdate: August 3, 2022) This week’s Coastal Café is an update on Washington’s Abandoned and Derelict Removal Program from program manager Troy Wood. Troy discusses with host Aaron Barnett how the increase in funding from the boat sales excise tax will help increase the rate of derelict vessel removal, the Vessel Turn-In Program, some of the more interesting finds in his work as well as other interesting details on derelict vessel removal.

San Juan Island Whale Museum

(Airdate: July 20, 2022) In the Pacific Northwest live the Southern Resident Orca Whales, an endangered population that have lived in these waters for millennia. The Whale Museum on San Juan Island in Washington State opened to the public in 1979 as the first museum in the country devoted to a species living in the wild and is dedicated to promoting stewardship of the whales and the Salish Sea ecosystem through a robust program of education and research. MaryAnn Wagner talks with Executive Director Jenny Atkinson about steps the Whale Museum is taking to protect these charismatic creatures.

Washington State Recreational Boating Law

(Airdate: July 6, 2022) Join us for an in-depth conversation between host Aaron Barnett and Washington State Boating Law Administrator Rob Sendak. Rob brings updates on regulations and programs that affect recreational boating activities in Washington. From a new partnership with the Seattle Mariners, required automatic kills witches, programs for kids and a new floating restroom in South Puget Sound this conversation should be useful for those folks who boat in Washington.

Washington Oil Spill Response

Coastal Café host Aaron Barnett chats with the head of Washington Dept. of Ecology’s Oils Spill and Preparedness division, Carlos Clements. Carlos describes how Washington is prepared to respond in the event of a catastrophic oil spill as well as prevention measures to avoid such an event.

2022 Race to Alaska

(Airdate: June 8, 2022) Race to Alaska’s Race Boss Daniel Evans joins the discussion with host Aaron Barnett on Coastal Café to talk about the upcoming Race to Alaska. Listen in and get details and anecdotes from this year’s and previous races as well as the other races put on by the Northwest Maritime Center such as 70/48 and Washington 360.

Tales of Bristol Bay

(Airdate: May 25, 2022) The promise of adventure in Alaska has captivated people for generations — a phenomenon with which Joe Upton is very familiar. Upton is a fisherman and writer who has penned books such as Alaska Blues and Journeys Through the Inside Passage. Host Samantha Larson talks with him about how he found fishing and tales from fishing in Alaska, including Bristol Bay. 

Update on Coastal Hazards

(Airdate: May 11, 2022) Coastal Café for this week is a conversation between host Aaron Barnett and Dr. Ian Miller, Coastal Hazards Specialist for Washington Sea Grant. Dr. Miller gives some compelling updates on his work since we last spoke with him in February of 2019 – from shoreline changes and uses at the mouth of the Elwha River, Tsunami research to sea level rise tools and data for municipal planners.

NW Straits Commission

(Airdate: April 27, 2022) This week on Coastal Café, host Aaron Barnett speaks with Dr. Lucas Hart, the Executive of the Northwest Straits Commission. Dr. Hart gives a detailed overview of the NW Straits Commission’s history, mission and current projects such Puget Sound bull kelp recovery, Olympia oyster restoration and derelict fishing gear removal. 

Puget SoundKeepers

(Airdate: April 13, 2022) Vanguards Keeping the Sound Clean and Safe. Puget Soundkeeper was the first grassroots organization to focus exclusively on protecting the marine environment of Puget Sound when it was founded in 1984. Other organizations have since joined the effort to protect and conserve the water quality of Puget Sound and the Salish Sea region, but Puget Soundkeeper continues to be a leader in this area. Host MaryAnn Wagner talks with Puget SoundKeeper staff Blair Englebrecht and Gillian Flippo on how they are working to keep the Sound clean and safe.

Recycling Marine Debris

(Airdate: March 16, 2022) Yellow rope used for growing oysters in places like Willapa Bay often ends up as marine debris along Washington’s coastline. Host Aaron Barnett chats with Nicole Baker of Net Your Problem LLC who is in business to help solve the marine debris problem by collecting ropes, fishing nets and other plastics found on beaches for processing and eventually a new life as a raw material for new recycled plastics.

Northwest Marine Trades Association

(Airdate: March 2, 2022) Coastal Cafe‘s guests this week are George Harris, the President of the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) and Jay Jenning, Vice President of Government Affairs. George and Jay spoke with host Aaron Barnett about upcoming life jacket legislation in Olympia, Southern Resident Killer Whale regulations, boat sales in the age of COVID-19 as well the 75th celebration of the NMTA’s creation. 

Washington Boating Policy

(Airdate: February 16, 2022) Since 1956, The Recreational Boating Association of Washington (RBAW) has been the voice of Washington boaters in Olympia on topics ranging from taxes to the acquisition of places like Sucia Island State Park. This week’s Coastal Café with host Aaron Barnett is a conversation with Bob Wise, the current president of RBAW who shares with us some of RBAW’s activities regarding current legislation in Olympia potentially impacting the recreational boating community. In addition to policy and legislative highlights, Mr. Wise talks about the acquisition of Lake Bay Marina and Pier through the RBAW Marine Parks Conservancy.

The Orca Tokitae

(Airdate: February 2, 2022) In 1970, the Southern Resident Killer Whale known as Tokitae (also named Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut and Lolita) was captured off the coast of Whidbey Island when she was four years old. She was shipped across the country and has lived in a tank at the Miami Seaquarium ever since. Coastal Café host Samantha Larson talks with Jay Julius, former Chairman and Councilman of Lummi Nation who is part of a campaign to bring the orca back to her home waters, and Bonnie Swift, a Seattle-based reporter who recently released the Audible podcast series called Tokitae. Over eight-episodes, Tokitae tells the story of the whale and also a much bigger history of the Coast Salish Indigenous peoples and ecosystem, and what’s at stake for all of us.

Handling Derelict and Abandoned Vessels

(Airdate: January 19, 2022) This week, host Aaron Barnett talks with Washington State’s Derelict Vessel Removal program manager Troy Wood with an update on achievements and future plans for the program, including a fiberglass vessel pilot recycling program right here at home in Jefferson County.

50 Years of Washington Sea Grant

(Airdate: January 5, 2022) Since 1971, Washington Sea Grant, a little-known marine research gem based at the University of Washington, has been supporting our state’s marine environment and maritime economies, having spearheaded or supported cutting-edge marine research, outreach and education for over 50 years. Host MaryAnn Wagner talks with Washington Sea Grant’s director Russell Callender about the next 50 years of projects for Washington’s shorelines and waters.

Holiday Tips for Ocean Health

(Airdate: December 22, 2021) ‘Tis the holiday season, a time when buying and wrapping gifts are a big part of our holiday traditions. Your Coastal Café host MaryAnn Wagner brings listeners something a little different with ideas on how we can be more ocean friendly during the holiday season.  Sarah Kollar with the international non-profit organization Ocean Conservancy provides tips and ideas for upcycling materials to create ocean-friendly holiday décor and wrapped gift and tells us why it matters for ocean health.

NCEI Passive Acoustics

(Airdate: December 8, 2021) Dr. Carrie Wall-Bell joins Coastal Cafe host Aaron Barnett for a “trip” beneath the waves as she shares passive acoustic data from the National Center for Environmental Information archives. We will listen to a wide range of sea creatures from whales to the very noisy Popping Shrimp and other creatures from around the world.

Port Townsend Marine Science Center

(Airdate: November 24, 2021) Coastal Cafe host Aaron Barnett speaks with Port Townsend Marine Science Center director Janine Boire. Janine talks about big changes at PTMSC such as plans for the newly acquired Flagship Building in downtown Port Townsend, removal of the existing dock at Fort Worden, and future plans for upland learning centers at Fort Worden. 

NCEI Microplastics Database

(Airdate: November 10, 2021 ) This episode of Coastal Café kicks off a series of interviews with scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). Host Aaron Barnett chats with Dr. Ebenezer Nyadjro, Associate Research Professor at Mississippi State University and Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Dr. Nyadjro manages the national data-base on marine microplastics and talks about its impacts to the marine environment, the archives, and how the public can access and view microplastic data not only nationally but globally.

Hood Canal Oyster Initiative

(Airdate: October 27, 2021) Coastal Café host Aaron Barnett spends the morning with a group of middle school students working to help the native Olympia oyster. The Hood Canal Shellfish Initiative Implementation Project is focused on advancing a custom-fit strategy for restoration of Olympia oysters in Hood Canal. With data collected by these middle schoolers, the initiative hopes to create detailed “restoration prescriptions” for potential growing sites.

Southern Resident Killer Whales of Puget Sound

(Airdate: October 13, 2021) In recognition of Orca Recovery Day on October 16, Coastal Cafe focuses on the Southern Resident Killer Whales of Puget Sound and related recovery efforts.  We speak with Tara Galuska, the Orca Recovery Coordinator in the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office, and Julie Watson, the Killer Whale Policy Lead at Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. Tara and Julie share the recovery efforts background, current status of the pods and actions taken towards recovery.

WA Seafood Series #1 ~ Fishing on the Columbia River

(Airdate: September 29, 2021) The first in a series of fishermen profiles, this Coastal Cafe interview with longtime fisherman Robert Sudar takes us to the Columbia River. Sudar shares with host MaryAnn Wagner his seasoned perspective on fishing today and the joys and challenges that come with it. He also shares his personal journey and the path that led him to a life of fishing and working with fishermen along the Columbia River, marketing a variety of salmon and sturgeon from the Columbia River gillnet fishery to consumers in Washington State.