Booklovers' Cafe

Jennifer Gold

(First airdate: October 2, 2019) Jennifer Gold aka Nicole Persun talks to Cris about her book “The Ingredients of Us”.  Jennifer writes very believable, of the moment,  books about women and their flawed relationships.  This is a story about love, mistakes, second chances, and finding inner strength. 

Rachel Muller

(First airdate: September 4, 2019) Rachel Muller is a storyteller and children’s author from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island.  She spins us a tale on this edition of Booklovers’ Cafe. 

Jerry Osborne

(First airdate: August 7, 2019) KPTZ radio host Jerry Osborne joins CrisWilson to talk about his book Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier. It is a special 50th Anniversary edition commemorating Elvis’ army years. We have included recordings of young Elvis talking about his army experiences and some music that make this Booklovers’ broadcast unique.

Alea Carroll

(First airdate: July 3, 2019) Pacific Northwest author Alea Carroll talks to Cris about her book Silence the Echo. It is a genre-breaking page-turner – part science fiction mixed with fantasy and ecology thriller. There is even a young love triangle for romance fans.

Pam Houston

(First airdate: 6/05/2019) Nationally known and beloved author Pam Houston talks to Cris about her new memoir Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country. This book is endlessly wise, funny, and full of heart, according to Tommy Orange author of There There.

Erica Bauermeister

(First airdate: May 15, 2019) Nationally known author and local favorite Erica Bauermeister talks to Cris Wilson about her new novel The Scent Keeper. In this intriguing and emotional story of family secrets and strengths, we follow a young woman growing up on an isolated island off the coast of British Columbia.

Richard Friedericks

(First airdate: April 3, 2019) Teacher, author and media producer, Richard Friedericks joins Cris wilson to talk about his book Windhorse Warrior.  The book offers an inside look at the struggles and aspirations of the Tibetan people during the 1950s.  Politics, romance and spirituality are all interwoven into this story of human aspirations.

Kathleen Dean Moore

(First airdate: March 6, 2019) Cris Wilson and Community Read author Kathleen Dean Moore talk about her first novel Piano Tide.  Set in a remote fishing village in Southeast Alaska, the intriguing and believable characters grapple with their environment on personal and existential levels.

Lyanda Lynn Haupt

(First airdate: February 6, 2019) Lyanda Lynn Haupt visits with Cris Wilson to talk about Mozart’s Starling who is said to have inspired the theme in the Piano Concerto #17 in G!  From Vienna to Seattle, Lyanda helps us fall in love with a much maligned member of the avian tribe.

K. J. Dell’Antonia

(First airdate: January 6, 2018) K.J. Dell’Antonia, former editor of the New York Times Motherlode Blog and contributor to the New York Times Well: Family section talks to Cris Wilson about her positive and encouraging book How to be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute.

Bonnie J. Rough

(First airdate: December 5, 2018) Bonnie J. Rough is a writer and speaker on sex education, parenting, gender, and the #MeToo movement.  She visits with Cris Wilson to tell the story of her new book Beyond Birds & Bees: Bringing Home a New Message to Our Kids about Sex, Love and Equality.


Jason Colby, Orca

(First airdate: October 31, 2018) In November on Booklover’s Cafe Cris Wilson talks to University of Victoria Professor Jason Colby about his 2018 book Orca: How We Came to Know and Love the Ocean’s Greatest Predator. From Namu to Lolita and the fate of our Southern Resident Pods this show is full of timely information.


Gary Lilley

(First airdate: October 3, 2018) Poet, blues musician and storyteller Gary Lilley joins Cris on the October Booklovers’ Cafe to talk about his 2018 books Bushman’s Medicine Show and The Hog Killing. Find out what really happened to Robert Johnson at the Crossroads.


Thor Hanson

(First airdate: September 2, 2018) The 2018 Huntingford Humanities Lecture is being given by author and conservation biologist Thor Hanson. Booklovers’ Cafe host Cris Wilson talks to Thor about his latest book Buzz: the Nature and Necessity of Bees.


Bill Ransom

(First airdate: July 18, 2018) Port Townsend Writers Conference Founder Bill Ransom talks with Cris Wilson about his writing life, poetry and his creative autobiography Learning the Ropes.


Melissa Febos

(First airdate: July 11, 2018) Cris Wilson talks to best-selling author Melissa Febos about her most recent memoir Abandon Me, published in 2017. She is a featured guest at the 2018 Port Townsend Writer’s Conference and she is a Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Monmouth College.


Sheila Bender

(First airdate: June 6, 2018) Cris talks with our own poet and writer Sheila Bender, host of IN CONVERSATION about her poetry, teaching and most especially her book A New Theology: Turning to Poetry in Time of Grief.


Jeanie Murphy

(First airdate: June 6, 2018) Cris has a great time with Old Time Banjo player and author Jeanie Murphy. Jeanie’s first novel is titled Donna Cody: A Tall Tale. Old-time musicians will enjoy all the musical references, and the literary among you will see a framework that follows the classic tale of Don Quixote by Cervantes.


Nancy Lord

(First airdate: May 2, 2018) Cris visits with Alaskan environmental writer and novelist Nancy Lord. Nancy has recently published a novel titled pH. She does a great job of drawing attention to ocean acidification by telling a fascinating story with believable Alaska characters.


David Pablo Cohn

(First airdate: April 4, 2018) Cris Wilson and local author and farmer David Pablo Cohn talk about his short stories set in Africa, Antarctica, and right here at home.


Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

(First airdate: March 7, 2018) Fantasy and Science Fiction author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough joins Cris Wilson to discuss her long career and her participation in the resistance writings of Alternative Truths.


Jim Tolpin

(First airdate: February 7, 2018) Cris Wilson talks woodworking, tools, cabinets, and teaching with Jim Tolpin, author and a founder of the Port Townsend School of Woodworking, as well as about Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”.


Anna Quinn

(First airdate: January 3, 2018) Anna Quinn talks to Cris Wilson about her riveting first book The Night Child and how a memoir undergoes a metamorphosis into a must read novel in the era of #METOO.


Louise Marley

(First airdate: December 6, 2017) Author Louise Marley talks with Cris Wilson about her newest book A Secret History of Witches published under the pseudonym Louisa Morgan. Louise also discusses her Benedict Hall series set in Seattle after WWI published under the name Cate Campbell. Her 20 novels, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, all feature strong women who push against societal norms and expectations.


Langdon Cook

(First airdate: November 2017) Author and lecturer Langdon Cook talks with Booklovers’ Cafe host Cris Wilson about his newest book, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon From River to Table. Langdon takes us on a journey up and down the Pacific coast to meet the charismatic people whose lives are led by the fish that we all follow.


Anchee Min

(First airdate: October 11, 2017) Cris Wilson talks with Anchee Min, Jefferson County Library’s 2017 Huntingford Lecture author. Min talks about her life growing up during the Maoist years in Red Azalea, and about her immigrant experience in her newest book The Cooked Seed.