Attention Please!

YEA Music Camps at Fort Worden

(Airdate: June 14, 2021) Larry Stein interviews Daniel Ferland, Music Director of PT HIgh School, about another local music venture he is establishing. YEA Music is a series of 5-day summer camps at the end of June, July, and August.  Camps will offer music instruction for students entering 5th to 12th grades.  No previous music experience is necessary. Camps will be held at Fort Worden. These camps are inspired by the very successful El Sistema program that started in Venezuela, and has spread around the world. 

Olympic Angels

(Airdate: June 7, 2021) On this Attention Please! we hear perspectives on foster parenting through the words of foster parents Ari and B.G. Patterson and Olympic Angels caseworker Morgan Hanna. Ari Patterson has witnessed foster parenting from the perspective of a foster child and a foster parent and is now a passionate advocate for foster children and foster parents.

Memorial Day

(Airdate: May 31, 2021) On this Memorial Day, three retired USAF Colonels – John Fabian, Nancy McDaniel, and Glenn Davis – talk of their service in the Air Force, the emotional impact of the loss of family and colleagues, the meaning of Memorial Day to them, and the patriotism of masking and vaccinating.

Candlelight Concert featuring Val James

(Airdate: May 24, 2021) In the latest of Trinity United Methodist Church’s Candlelight Concert series, this time benefiting the nonprofit Bayside Housing, Port Townsend vocalist Val James will be singing her favorite Gershwin tunes to the accompaniment of an illustrious group of local musicians in a virtual performance on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Steve Evans this week talks with James about her upbringing in a show biz family in Burbank, California, and about the people and causes she supports through her music.

Our Working Waterfront

(Airdate: May 17, 2021) For our special Birthday episode of Our Working Waterfront, we check in with Co-Host Eron Berg, Port of Port Townsend’s Port Director, for his regular recap for the month, with a special emphasis on developments in the formulation of a Citizens’ planning process for the Port properties there. Then Chris Bricker and Co-Host, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek take a walk through the boatyard to encounter some of our Women of the Waterfront. They speak with shipwrights Esther Whitmore of Haven Boatworks and Angi Lungu of the Shipwrights’ Co-Op. Then they visit Port Townsend sailing legend, Carol Hasse and her wooden boat Lorraine in the marina, and finally a delightful conversation with Erika and Alyson of Port Townsend Sails, locally known as the Sail Loft, in Point Hudson.

Jefferson County Libraries

(Airdate: May 10, 2021) Larry Stein speaks with Melody Sky Eisler, Director of the Port Townsend Public Library, and Tamara Meredith, Director of the Jefferson County Public Libraries. Both libraries have new services and public hours as we move through the worst of the pandemic. With summer approaching, both libraries have plans for youth and adult patrons.

Master Gardeners Plant Sale

(Airdate: May 3, 2021) This week’s Attention Please! first draws your attention to the Master Gardeners Foundation Annual Plant Sale, presented by Candice Gohn. Then Eric Reeter of Wilderbee Farm announces the Mothers Day weekend reopening of the Meadery on Wilderbee Farm, an event sweetened by two performances by Stringology. Eric Bogart, Terianne Stratton and Tracy Grisman comprise Stringology in their celebration of the music of Django Reinhardt.

P.T. Farmer’s Market

(Airdate: April 26, 2019) This week we take a stroll through Port Townsend’s wonderful Farmer’s Market, that vibrant community hub where every Saturday from early Spring to the end of Autumn most of the town congregates out in front of the Community Center on Tyler street for a few hours in the hopes not only of snagging a basketful of fresh seasonal produce or perhaps a locally produced craft item that may become a treasured heirloom, but of running into an old friend or making a new connection, or sitting on the lawn and listening to live music.

AAUW Home Tour

(Airdate: April 12, 2021) The AAUW Home & Kitchen Tour happens April 23-25 in a virtual format, online. Pass holders may tour a number of homes, condos, and 2 ship galleys. The event supports the AAUW Scholarship Program, and has been happening annually for 24 years. Larry Stein talks with two long-time participants in the event and the AAUW, Cheryl Bentley and Jean Stastny.

Shelly Leavens and Carol Swarbrick Dries

(Airdate: March 29, 2021) Phil Andrus interviews Shelly Leavens of the Jefferson County Historical Society and Carol Swarbrick Dries, talking about the “Lillian Carter” movie.

May’s Vote for Women’s History Month

(Airdate: March 22, 2021) This week on Attention Please! we speak with Key City Public Theater Artistic Director Denise Winter and Seattle-based actor Barbara Callander about a play called May’s Vote, based on the real-life figures of two suffragettes, May Arkinwright Hutton and Emma Smith Devoe, who led the fight for women’s right to vote in Washington state in the early 20th century. The play, written by Toni Douglass for the 1989 Washington State Centennial, is being presented in a series of free online performances in honor of Women’s History Month by the Jefferson County Historical Society and a number of other sponsors.

Northwind Art: Teresa Verraes, Michael D’Alesandro

(Airdate: March 8, 2021) Larry Stein talks with Teresa Verraes, Executive Director, and Michael D’Alessandro, Exhibits Director, of Northwind Art. Northwind Art is the new name for the merged PT School of the Arts and Northwind Arts Center, which was completed in January of this year.

She Tells Sea Tales

(Airdate: March 1, 2021) Attention Please! features She Tells Sea Tales, a production of the Northwest Maritime Center, this year in its COVID-19-safe online venue. Joining Attention Please! host Phil Andrus will be STST coordinator Kelley Watson, and Sharon Albert, a performer this year, and Barb Trailer, a past performer.

Benji Project Teaches Youth Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

(Airdate: February 22, 2021) KPTZ News Director Steve Evans talks with Heather McRae-Woolf, Program Manager and Lead Instructor for the Benji Project, the youth mental health organization founded six years ago after the suicide death of then fifteen-year-old Benji Kenworthy to help young people deal with the psychological threats presented by an increasingly challenging world through teaching techniques of mindfulness and building self-compassion. Learn more at

Marine Science Center

(Airdate: February 8, 2021) Janine Boire, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, talks with KPTZ host Larry Stein. Our beloved learning, research and activity center on the beach at Fort Worden is buzzing with activity, even though the Science Center itself must be closed for in-person visits. Nonetheless, you can participate in a Virtual Beach-Walk or Clean-up – Track the growth of Tiny the octopus or baby abalone in the Aquarium – attend the annual Benefit Auction for the MSC. Check in at their website.

Wooden Boat Festival Director Barb Trailer

(Airdate: February 1, 2021) Wooden Boat Festival Director Barb Trailer presents the Wooden Boat Festival’s “Ask an Expert” Online Winter Series of workshops and ponders options for the 2021 Wooden Boat Festival.

County Commissioner Kate Dean

(Airdate: February 1, 2021) County Commissioner Kate Dean came to Attention Please! to explain the steps being taken by the State of Washington to consolidate public health programs into regional districts, which would result in the loss of all local control by counties and the resignation of Dr. Tom Locke. Some elements of this consolidation already has been implemented but the totality requires legislation, currently under debate in the State Legislature.