Brewocracy Now

Brewocracy Now ~ 2/02/23

Taylor Clark‘s Brewocracy Now co-host was Port Townsend Library Director Melody Sky Weaver and our guest was Port Townsend Police Chief Thomas Olson. We discussed community policing efforts including a proposed citizen’s advisory group, upcoming bicycle police, and some outreach programs with our police at the library.

Nature Now #604 Invasive Dune Grasses

(Airdate: February 1, 2023) Beach grasses, once widely planted to keep sand dunes from human plans for such things as roads and residences, have become invaders, pushing out native species. Listen as Nan Evans explores dune ecosystems and the role of dune grasses with Dr. Rebecca Mostow. What’s more, learn about Dr. Mostow’s work characterizing a strange new hybrid species of dune grass that raises unanswered questions about ecological beach and dune systems.

Dylan Quarles, Here There Be Monsters

(Airdate: January 31, 2023) Dylan Quarles, author of the adventure science fiction book, Here There Be Monsters, visits with Cris Wilson on Booklovers’ Cafe. It is indeed a time-travelling, explosive, gut-wrenching ride set in 1520 and 1985. Quarles is known for his previous sci-fi trilogy The Ruins of Mars. In this work, he turns to his personal interest in World Mythologies. The descriptions are vivid and ominous, yet the horror is lightened with humorous dialogue and likable characters. Quarles has also written several volumes of A Secret History of Port Townsend!

The People Downstairs

(Airdate: January 30, 2023) Jim Burke interviews three-quarters of the cast of The People Downstairs By Natalie Symons, directed by Brendan Chambers, at Key City Public Theatre, in previews February 1, and running through February 26. The cast read a scene in the studio during our interview and KCPT calls it, “A dark but sweet comedy about loneliness & loss, laughter & love, & the need to be seen – with kindness.

Brewocracy Now ~ 1/26/23

Today’s Brewocracy Now featured guest hosts Jim Burke (in for Taylor Clark) and Steve King (in for John Mauro). Steve King is the Director of Public Works for the City of Port Townsend, and is acting City Manager while John Mauro is on vacation until the first week of March. Today, Jim and Steve had as their guest speaker, Aislinn Diamanti, City Council Position #2, who is on the Council Infrastructure and Development Committee. They spoke about paving streets which will take place this year, Evans Vista, the underpinnings of Lawrence Street, and the need to create proper drainage next to streets BEFORE repaving.

Nature Now #603
Woodpeckers of Winter

(Airdate: January 25, 2023) Mary Robson and Gary Bullock discuss the most common woodpeckers seen locally,  using results from the Christmas bird count of 2022.

#215 The Adventuress

(Airdate: January 24, 2023) Maryanne McNellis interviews Catherine Collins, Executive Director of the non-profit foundation Sound Experience which owns and operates the beautiful classic schooner The Adventuress. The 133-foot ship was built way back in 1913 as a pleasure craft. But she spent decades as a working vessel before being designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1988. It took millions to restore her to her original glory. The Adventuress is now dedicated to environmental education in the Puget Sound. Covid shut down operations for a while. But Catherine and her team predict that the 2023 season will open as scheduled. Hundreds more kids will experience life at sea aboard The Adventuress.

Chickens on the Brain

(January 23, 2023 – Chickens on the Brain) Sorting out our intimate relationship with the chicken industrial complex.

Habitat for Humanity

(Airdate: January 23, 2023) Host Steve Evans talks with Jamie Maciejewski, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of East Jefferson County – and perhaps the person most closely acquainted with the steadily escalating housing crisis in our community – about the nonprofit’s ambitious plans for growth and its concomitant need for all sorts of volunteers.

Community Tides ~ 1/20/23

On this week’s edition of Community Tides, co-hosts Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, have a frank and meaningful conversation about the affordable housing dilemma that not only affects our own community, but also countless others across the country. It’s the elephant in the room that we can no longer ignore when we live in a market-based economy guided by supply and demand. What’s affordable to an average buyer wanting to pursue the “American Dream”?  What are the factors that prevent some from participating and others not?  How can we think creatively to solve the problem of inequality in opportunity?  And how do we make it possible for young families and those employed here with jobs that provide infrastructure for our of life to be counted as a real part of this vibrant community?  In short, how do we reconcile “market rate” with the Common Good, and how are doing here with regard to solutions?

In Conversation – Writing Poetry As a Manner of Grieving

(First aired: January 15, 2023) Poets Sheila Bender and Joanne Clarkson discuss how their writing of poetry helps them and their readers cope with loss, with Clarkson reading from her 2022 book, Hospice House and Shelia Bender from her 2022 book Since Then. Hosted by Phil Andrus on Cats in Our Laps.

Brewocracy Now ~ 1/19/23

Today on Brewocracy Now co-hosts Taylor Clark and City Manager John Mauro were joined by Mayor David Faber. Highlights of their discussion included housing policy and funding for road repairs.

Nature Now #602
Latest News on the Pinto Abalone

(Airdate: January 19, 2023) Get the latest on efforts to restore the endangered Pinto Abalone populations in the Salish Sea with Nan Evans and Josh Bouma of the Puget Sound Restoation Fund. Plus, think about how conservation scientists design species recovery plans.

Bayside Housing, A Safe Place to Call Home

(Airdate: January 19, 2023) Heather Dudley-Nollette, Director of Development of Bayside Housing, joins Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can to discuss their mission: to provide transitional housing to our community members in need of housing. Through a unique partnership with The Alcohol Plant. Bayside Housing also provides social support to assist residents resourcing their efforts to stabilize their lives. Listen in and learn how housing advocacy strengthens our community.

County Public Health Report ~ 1/17/23

The following is a summary of the presentation during the Public Health briefings at this week’s Board of County Commissioners meeting.The summary below was provided by Jim Burke, producer of KPTZ’s Tuesday’s Local News.

This morning, Dr. Allison Berry and Willie Bence submitted a Public Health report to the Jefferson Board of County Commissioners and answered questions. Dr. Berry said that the BB 1.1 variant, which is causing a surge in the US on the east coast, is far less prevalent here, and that the high uptake of the bi-valent booster here in Jefferson County is helping to keep those numbers down. In Jefferson County, the two-week case rate is 246 cases per 100,000 people. 1 person is currently hospitalized, and 43 new cases were added this week for a total of 6,723 cases since the pandemic began. The total number of people lost in Jefferson County to COVID-19 holds steady at 34. Jefferson County Public Health staff estimate that 1 in 10 COVID-19 cases in the county were reported to public health last week. Dr. Berry says that the case ascertainment rate indicates there’s an estimated 430 cases here in Jefferson County currently, and the case rate could be over 2000 per hundred thousand.

Sustained decreases in RSV and Influenza are happening right now. One man in his 70s was lost due to influenza this past week. He had underlying health conditions and was not vaccinated against the flu. Dr. Berry continues to stress that we should all continue with masking, keeping up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters. The risk of COVID-19 transmission in public, indoor places is still HIGH. At this level, it’s strongly recommended everyone wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask in public, indoor settings. has all the numbers.

There will be two Health Reports in February so, the first Monday, February 6 and the third Monday is Presidents Day, so Tuesday February 21 for that second February report. Submit your Public Health questions to Dr. Allison Berry and Willie Bence by emailing [email protected] by Friday February 3 at noon, to be answered the following Monday February 6, at 9:45am on KPTZ during the Jim B. Show hosted by yours truly!

Louie Louie

(January 16, 2023 – Louie Louie) From obscurity to obscenity: the Louie Louie story.

Buzzy Donahue’s Life in Radio

(Airdate: January 16, 2023) In this reprise of a show from June 20, Jim Burke introduces a Ken Jones interview from our sister station KBOO with our own Buzzy Donahue about her life in radio, and also discusses her father, “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue, who started “free form” radio in San Francisco in the 1960s.

Community Tides ~ 1/13/23

In this month’s edition of Our Working Waterfront, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker joins co-hosts Port Director Eron Berg and Port Commissioner Pam Petranek for an update on happenings around the Port. Then Pam gives a special guided tour of the Boat Yard for high school student guests from the Port Townsend Maritime Academy, along with their instructor Karl Jorden. We’ll visit with Shipwrights Pat Mahon, Cory Armstrong (owner of Goldstar Marine), Pete Stein, Melanya Nordstrom, and Dave Thompson.  Working in the Boat Yard means building friendships and experiences along the way. Opportunities abound to learn about design, building, maintenance and repair. Businesses in the Yard are independent yet interconnected, because they complement one another in so many ways. You can start out with a box of tools, work with others or on your own, be employed by businesses, rent shop space. A good work ethic and the willingness to learn are the main ingredients that can lead to a fine career as a shipwright.

Brewocracy Now ~ 1/12/23

Co-hosts Taylor Clark and John Mauro talked with BOCC Commissioner Greg Brotherton and County Administrator Mark McCauley about collaboration between the city and county.

Nature Now #601
Prairie/Oak Habitats – Part 1

(Airdate: January 11, 2023) Host Debaran Kelso speaks with guest Dr. Fred Sharpe about the recent Cascade Prairie-Oak Partnership (CPOP) conference, and reviews various efforts at prairie and oak savanna habitat conservation in the PNW.

#214 Dr. Joseph Myerson

(Airdate: January 10, 2023) Maryanne interviews Dr. Joseph Meyerson, plastic surgeon & hand surgeon at Jefferson Healthcare. He initially wanted to become a veterinarian but med school & brain surgery seemed much more appealing. Then he discovered the infinite variety of the field of plastic surgery. It meant over 12 years of medical training & taking on a huge load of student debt. Dr. Meyerson doesn’t do strictly “cosmetic” surgeries. But he does repair faces that are damaged by fire or cancer. He does “reconstructions” literally from head to toe. He calls it “getting people back on the spectrum of normalcy.” His work inspires gratitude from patients and their families.

Marine Science Center’s new Director, Bee Redfield

(Airdate: January 9, 2023) Bee Redfield, the new Exececutive Director of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, talks about her previous experience at Purdue University, and in field work in various locations – mostly in Island Ecosystems.  She is excited about leading the center into its new phase of growth, and establishment of its new presence on Water St.  KPTZ host:  Larry Stein. (This is a repeat episode, originally broadcast in October of 2022, updated with new information.)

How Not to Start the Day

(January 9, 2023 – How Not to Start the Day) In a world of healthy breakfasts, Ray finds an abomination.

Community Tides ~ 1/06/23

On alternate Fridays during the Noon Hour, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker joins co-host Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, to explore new developments, new paradigms, and the panorama of Good Work our vibrant community continues to do day in, and day out. Dr. Linda Rosenbury was appointed superintendent of the Port Townsend School District on July 1, 2021. She came to Washington State as a Doctoral Resident in Highline Public Schools. Previously, she worked in New York City as a teacher and middle school principal. Linda got together with Siobhan and Chris back in August of 2021, and we thought it would be a great conversation to reflect on what she and her colleagues have accomplished over these past months, as well as what she herself has learned from this unique community, along with her thoughts on wellness, equity, voice, and connection.

Brewocracy Now with John Mauro ~ 1/05/23

Today on Brewocracy Now co-hosts Taylor Clark and City Manager John Mauro were joined by Carrie Hite, Director of Parks and Recreation Strategy. They discussed the golf course planning process and upcoming open house. Details are available at