Port Ludlow Project

#134 Pete Sexton, Owner of Broken Spoke

(First airdate: April 23, 2019) PETE SEXTON: PEDAL POWER FOR PORT TOWNSEND. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Pete Sexton, the owner of bike shop The Broken Spoke. Pete says Port Townsend is an ideal biking town – it’s small, compact and has many hills. Even the aging demographic works for a bike shop – the popularity of “e-bikes” (electric bikes) is soaring. Today’s e-bikes are half the weight of their predecessors and the battery lasts significantly longer. The Water Street shop sells, rents and even repairs bikes. And, by the way, the mechanics there can also repair walkers, wheelchairs and even golf carts. Pete notes that the shop definitely caters to the youth market. It sells Trek bikes – aerodynamic road bikes, from carbon race machines to refined aluminum models. You’ll see them flying like the wind around Jefferson County.

Ghost Fishing

(First airdate: April 18, 2019) Coastal Café delves into the world of derelict fishing gear while talking with Jason Morgan of the Northwest Straits Foundation.  Jason reveals how derelict and lost fishing gear keep on fishing.  Also known as “ghost fishing,” old or lost gear causes unnecessary deaths of birds, seals, crabs and other marine life.  Jason provides helpful ideas and information on how to reduce impacts.

Blue Heron Middle School

(First airdate: March 19, 2019) Preparing kids for Emergencies. Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can unpacks the needs and activities of the Blue Heron Middle School Parent Teacher Association with Frank De Palma and Debbie Sonandre.  Find out how you can help education in our community and no child is needed to step up!

Marcia Myers

(First airdate: April 16, 2019) Host Sheila Bender visits in studio with recent Port Townsend resident Marcia Myers to talk about the writing and production of her three coffee table books.

Compass for the Week of 4/15/2019

This week on the Compass, we take you to lectures by a New York Times number-one best-selling author, held in Chimacum and Quilcene, where the audiences were as excited as little kids… because that’s exactly who they were.

Nature Now #407
Marine Science Center

(First airdate: April 10, 2019) Nan Evans goes on a virtual “behind-the-scenes” tour of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center with Ali Redman, Aquarist at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, and AmeriCorp Member Marley Loomis.

Compass for the Week of 4/08/2019

This week on the Compass, local activists Doug Milholland and Julia Cochrane talk to Compass correspondent Charlie Bermant about the importance of staying involved and active in social issues, as if our lives depend on it. Which it often does. Civil disobedience has always been part of Port Townsend’s DNA, but has gained frequency and power in reaction to new government programs.

Women & Film 2019 #2

(First airdate: April 8, 2019) KPTZ interviewers Cris Wilson and Larry Stein talk with Aaron Kopp, co-director of Liyana, about children of Swaziland and their stories; and Janette Force, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Film Festival, about some Women & Film Festival highlights.

Men on Boats Interviews

On the April 5, 2019 Tossed Salad show, Phil Andrus interviewed director Genevieve Barlow, set designer Margie McDonald, and actresses Bry Kifolo and Bonnie Obremski of KCPT’s Men on Boats.

Holly J. Hughes

(Reprise airdate: April 2, 2019) Host Sheila Bender interviews local-area poet and writing teacher Holly J. Hughes in a repeat of a broadcast that first aired in November, 2014.

Women & Film 2019 #1

(First airdate: April 4, 2019) KPTZ interviewers Buzzy Donohue and Chris Bricker speak with Tai Chi master Doreen Hind, subject of The Great Balance; and Jim Brown, director of Singing for Our Lives, about Film Festival special guest Holly Near.

Nature Now #406
WA Natural Heritage Program

(Encore airdate: April 3, 2019) Debaran Kelso speaks with rare plant botanist Joe Arnett, discussing the role of the Washington Dept of Natural Resource’s Natural Heritage Program in plant protection, specifically in conserving the threatened golden paintbrush population (originally recorded in May 2015).

Richard Friedericks

(First airdate: April 3, 2019) Teacher, author and media producer, Richard Friedericks joins Cris wilson to talk about his book Windhorse Warrior.  The book offers an inside look at the struggles and aspirations of the Tibetan people during the 1950s.  Politics, romance and spirituality are all interwoven into this story of human aspirations.

Skillmation – Impacting Lives One Student at a Time

(First airdate: April 2, 2019) Ben Bauermeister and Martha Trolin of Skillmation share with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can the growth and opportunities of mentorship for not only the students in the classroom but also for those who come alongside in a mentorship role.

Compass for the Week of 4/01/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with a feminist historian about the historical role bicycles played in women’s liberation, and then we talk with a man who spent his career working at a nuclear weapons lab trying to prevent the bomb’s proliferation.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

On the March 29, 2019 Tossed Salad show, Phil Andrus interviewed Steve Bonnell, who talked about Tibetan Singing Bowls and demonstrated how to play them.

Fiddle Tunes 2019

On the March 29, 2019 Tossed Salad show, Phil Andrus interviewed Centrum’s Peter McCracken about plans for collaboration between Centrum and KPTZ, as well as plans for Fiddle Tunes 2019.

Noah Frisch on Didgeridoo

On the March 29, 2019 Tossed Salad show, Phil Andrus interviewed Noah Frisch, who demonstrated how to play a digeridoo.

Jim Pivarnik, Port of Port Townsend

On the March 29, 2019 Tossed Salad show, Phil Andrus interviewed Jim Pivarnik, returning Executive Director of the Port of Port Townsend.