Virus Watch Reports

Brewocracy Now ~ 6/05

Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro is on KPTZ at a new time, on alternate Fridays shortly after 12 noon for Brewocracy Now. Discovery Road DJ host Tim Quackenbush joined John live in the studio, for updates on the fast-changing local world in and around Port Townsend. Topics included the update on Port Townsend’s Open Streets Project, how the City is meeting fiscal challenges from the pandemic, and the responsibilities of the Port Townsend Police, in assuring racial equality in our community..

Nature Now #465
What is a Naturalist?

(Airdate: June 4, 2020) Nan Evans talks with local naturalist Ken Wilson about observing the world around us as a naturalist and Ken’s belief that we as humans, are innately, naturally, neurologically, and genetically wired to be naturalists. We can be fascinated and often excited by observing behaviors, attributes and traits in the natural world – using our sensory experiences in the noticing of patterns and variety in the world around us.

Samantha Ladwig

(First airdate: June 3, 2020) Cris talks with Samantha Ladwig, owner of Writers’ Workshoppe and Imprint Books, about taking ownership of a much-loved institution here in Port Townsend. Samantha is offering a new audio book service and has many ideas for new workshops and guest authors to increase the community of writers and readers on the peninsula.  

County Public Health Report ~ 6/01

Monday’s 9:45am live broadcast from the Board of County Commissioners meeting began with timely statements from Sheriff Joe Nole, and from acting Port Townsend Police Chief Troy Surber, addressing recent tragedy and unrest involving law enforcement and how his department is trying to prevent discrimination. These comments preceded the weekly Public Health Briefings from Dr Tom Locke and Willie Bence, related to the Safe Start Phase 2 plan now in effect. Jefferson County’s 31st COVID-19 case was revealed by Dr. Locke, who presented guidance for the new public health order for citizens to wear masks when in business establishments and out in public.

Compass for 5/30/2020

Unexpected changes have altered the complexion of society in a very short amount of time, and there have been all manner of creative pivots and interesting, if not profound, changes, discoveries, and “a-hahs” hitting us right between the eyes. The concept of how to throw a Film Festival has been no exception.

This week on the Compass, we speak with Janette Force, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Film Festival, and we explore the creative alternative paths staff and volunteers are exploring this summer, from the launch of the Women in Film “mini” festival, to a picture of what September’s major festival may look like.  We’ll also discuss how the times are affecting both filmmakers and the Industry.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 5/29

Today Lynn Sorensen, RN and Phil Andrus discussed the recent directive, dated 5/28/20, by Dr Tom Locke, Jefferson County Health Officer regarding the ‘mandatory’ wearing of cloth masks in public if unable to keep the social distance and always to enter a business or restaurant. Phil asked: if visitors arrive without masks, what can be done for them? Lynn suggested that the Visitor Center have free masks to give out to visitors. She also commended all the seamstresses who have given of their time and sewing expertise to continue to offer free cloth masks to the public.

Other counties, Clallam and Kitsap will both be in Phase 2 as of June 1st. Phil asked how will this affect Jefferson County. Lynn spoke to the divisiveness of cultures and the risk of ‘vaccine nationalism’; that is, when a working vaccine has been produced, will that country share it with the world? The U.S. and China are in a competitive stance at this time.

Gerry McFarland

(First airdate: May 26, 2020) Port Townsend poet Gerry McFarland comes to the KPTZ studio to talk about his writing poetry, serving on a literary magazine board, and putting together his first full-length collection, The Making.

Behind the Doors of Next Door

(First airdate: May 26, 2020) NextDoor, a social platform relied upon by many in a community to exchange information and resources, relies on volunteers. Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can, speaks with volunteer and “Lead” Dan Needles about his role as a “Lead” and the value of this on-line community bulletin board to our community.

Compass for 5/23/2020

This week on the Compass, KPTZ’s David Cunningham interviews KCPT Artistic Director Denise Winter, looking at the question of whether Key City Public Theater can possibly survive the slings and arrows of the coronavirus.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 5/22

On Tossed Salad, host Phil Andrus and guest Lynn Sorensen, RN, discussed the Safe Start plan’s Phase 2 variance for Jefferson County, which is expected to be approved by the Washington Board of Health to begin after Memorial Day.  They also talked about the difficulty in producing a COVID-19 vaccine. Lynn explained that the best possible vaccine would be one dose, would not have to be refrigerated, its production and distribution would be well coordinated, and all 7.5 billion people on earth would get vaccinated. That would be a miracle. And it’s not expected to happen.

KPTZ Coffee with the City Manager ~ 5/21

On Thursday, May 21, City Manager John Mauro talked with Tim Quackenbush, host of KPTZ’s Discovery Road mainly about how the City of Port Townsend will be implementing Gov. Inslee’s phased Safe Start Plan over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and beyond.

Make a note for next Thursday: John Mauro will again be taking questions via live phone calls from 10-10:30am. Call 360-215-7270 to ask your question. And, enjoy the ride!

Lab on a Chip

(First airdate: May 21, 2020) Nanotechnology alerts Washington boaters and farmers  to threats from eColi and other pathogens. This month we spoke with Dr. Phil Long from the Lake Chelan Research Institute and Dr. Dan Angelscu of Fluidion Inc. about novel technological approaches to early pathogen warnings for agriculture and boating operations.

Special City & County Meeting on COVID-19 ~ 5/19

On Tuesday, May 19, KPTZ aired a joint COVID-19 emergency situation meeting. Jefferson County Commissioners, Port Commissioners, County Board of Health, and Port Townsend City Council convened together to address the option of applying for a variance for Jefferson County to move sooner to the governor’s Safe Start Phase-2 reopening activities. Our elected leaders reviewed public comments and heard from representatives of some of the different sectors.  

In addition to hearing from Dr. Tom Locke of Jefferson County Public Health Officer, featured speakers included Brian Kuh of EDC Team Jefferson, Arlene Alen of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, Debbie Williams and Frank Redmon of the North Hood Canal Chamber of Commerce, and Dave Robison of the Fort Worden Public Development Authority. This meeting was preparatory to the BOCC vote this Friday on whether to accept Public Health recommendations for the Washington Safe Start, Phase 2 options.

Joint Meeting 5/19/20, Part 1
Joint Meeting 5/19/20, Part 2
Joint Meeting 5/19/20, Part 3

Nature Now #463
Birding by Ear, Part 2

(Airdate: May 20, 2020) Birder extraordinaire Fred Sharpe continues his series on Birding By Ear with host Debaran Kelso, helping us to recognize our local bird calls. (Part 2 of a two-part show, first broadcast in June 2016).

JCF’s Emergency Response Fund ~ 5/19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jefferson Community Foundation President and CEO Siobhan Canty is a regular guest of Chris Bricker on Morning on the Salish, at 10:30am Tuesdays. Each week Siobhan shares updates on JCF’s work to strengthen the landscape of services available to people and the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, which has raised more than $436,279 to date. If you belong to a nonprofit working to help those in need as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, grant applications will be accepted on a weekly rolling basis for emergency funding. Go to to learn more. 

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 5/19

On today’s Morning on the Salish, Lynn Sorensen, RN, BSN and Chris Bricker expressed how they feel constantly on overload – or have a case of COVID or Pandemic Fatigue from the constant news and media barrage about the pandemic. They agreed how important it is to take a periodic sanity break in order to not burn out. Turning off the relentless news and going for a walk, or working in your garden can help create balance in this upside down world.

We are still in the early stages of this pandemic according to Dr Tom Locke and now is not the time to let our guard down or relax the prescribed mitigation practices of hand washing, social distancing and wearing masks.

Their conversation concluded by reading the poem Pandemic written by Rev. Lynn Ungar.

County Public Health Report ~ 5/18

Dr. Tom Locke addressed the concerns related to the County’s potential variance offered by the governor, for moving into Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan. Department of Emergency Director Willie Bence discussed emergency planning issues in light of the potential for tourism here in upcoming days and weeks.

KPTZ broadcast via 91.9FM and streamed at this timely COVID-19 information, which was also videostreamed live and recorded for online viewing any time thereafter at the Jefferson County website.

Compass for 5/16/2020

This week on the Compass we talk about charting a course out of lockdown with Jefferson County Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke, whose steady steering hand on the wheel of hometown COVID-19 pandemic crisis management has earned him the honor of having a sandwich named after him by a local eatery.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 5/15

On Tossed Salad, host Phil Andrus and guest, Kate Keenan, Retired Communicable Disease Investigator from San Diego County, discussed a recent article by Dr.  Erin Bromage characterizing elements of environments that provide from the safest to the most risky chance of exposure to an infected person with COVID-19…..where as many as 50% of people with active infection are asymptomatic. 

As the state proceeds through the four phases of re-opening our community, outside settings with continued social distancing appear to provide the least risk of exposure, while small crowded settings with poor ventilation and crowded with people appear to be the most risky.  All individuals 65 of age and older are still advised to shelter in place and limit themselves to essential outings.  Outdoor activities still remain a good source of protection as well as a boost to one’s mental  health to everyone, along with continued hand-washing, masks and social distancing.