Coastal Café

Wood Bearings

(First airdate: August 5, 2020) On this segment of Coastal Cafe we continue our focus on technology with a conversation on self-lubricating wooden bearings. Lignum Vitae Solutions of Powhatan, Virginia makes propeller and water turbine shafts for the maritime and hydroelectric industries and discusses this centuries-old applied technology and more.

Nature Now #474
Wetland Field Trip, part 2

(Airdate: August 5, 2020) Host Debaran Kelso meets with ecologist Dr. Geoff Hammerson and sound engineer (& fellow wetland lover!) Nora Petrich for a field trip exploring one of our local wetlands. Part 2 of a two part show.

County Public Health Report ~ 8/03

At today’s meeting, County Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke said Jefferson County added two new cases over the weekend, bringing the total to 53, after having gone two weeks without a new case. Locke said the leading cause of transmission in Jefferson is visitors who come who come here from out-of-state who found out they were infected when they went home. DEM Director Willie Bence reported on the shipment of masks received and slated for distribution to county residents 

Compass for 08/01/20

In an unprecedented attempt by a sitting president to cast doubt on the validity of a national election months before a single vote is even cast, Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that mail-in ballots such as those that have been in use in Washington state for years, and which stand as the obvious safe alternative to in-person voting in a time of pandemic, are inherently corrupt and prone to fraud – despite a complete lack of evidence for the claim. This week on the Compass we talk with Jefferson County Auditor Rose Ann Carroll and Elections Coordinator Quinn Grewell about how the integrity of our mail-in elections is assured.  

Justine Gonzalez-Berg

(Airdate: July 31, 2020) The Community Weaver for Housing Solutions Network speaks on the affordable Housing crisis In Jefferson County.

Robert Cantley

(Airdate: July 31, 2020) A history of activism and dispatches from the Portland clashes with Federal Agents.

Community Tides ~ 7/31

Exploring new developments, new paradigms, and the new normal facing Jefferson County, with KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of the Jefferson Community Foundation.

Today, Siobhan gave us her regular Foundation update. Then Siobhan and Chris Bricker discussed development of the new Family Resource Navigator; the next phase of COVID-19 response funding through United Good Neighbors; working from home; and the importance of mental health resources.

Brewocracy Now with John Mauro ~ 7/30

Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro is on KPTZ with a web-based format, in a weekly time slot Thursdays, from 12:10 to 12:40pm. Discovery Road DJ host Tim Quackenbush hosts John’s virtual online meeting as a live broadcast, with updates on the fast-changing local world in and around Port Townsend.

Topics covered include: Engage PT (the City’s new community engagement program will launch in one week); Shoreline Master Program Update; Fort Worden PDA Update; Reckoning (a conversation between BIPOC and Law Enforcement to air on July 30 from 7-9 pm); and COVID-19 regulation updates.

Stay tuned for the weekly chance to learn more about developments for the City of Port Townsend. John will take questions and encourage productive dialogue (and exemplary virtual meeting etiquette) to steer through a range of topics. 

Brewocracy Now Call-In Line
(call in your question during the 12:10 to 12:40pm broadcast):

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Meeting ID: 872 1438 1087
Password: 816197

#157 Jake Soule

(Airdate: July 28, 2020) FROM DISTILLED SPIRITS TO SANITIZER. Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Jake Soule, owner of Admiralty Distillers. Jake grew up in Calgary, Canada, which is better known for cowboys than sailors. But he fell in love with sailing and ended up on the crew of a tall ship. To help pay the bills he became a skilled carpenter and all-round construction guy. That led to Port Townsend’s own Wooden Boat School. Jake also loves spirits and he soon realized that the town lacked its own craft distillery. After considerable study and a pass through the regulatory maze, he opened Admiralty Distillers. But that business, like every business around, was slammed by the COVID virus. However, Jake realized he could help the community. He turned his still into a hand sanitizer production facility. Admiralty’s sanitizer is playing a crucial role in community safety.

County Public Health Report ~ 7/27

Today’s County Public Health Briefings began with a song encouraging masking, performed by Commission Chair Greg Brotherton. Dr. Locke shared updates on the need for and efficacy of face coverings, in recommending ways to “crush the curve” for which modeling recommends 95% masking compliance. He also looked at potential plans for opening schools in our area, with final determinations still not made. DEM Director Willie Bence spoke about masking enforcement.

Jennifer Gold #2

(First airdate: August 5, 2020) Cris and Jennifer AKA Nicole Person talk about her new novel Keep Me Afloat set right here in Port Townsend. While completely fictional, readers will recognize hangouts from Chimacum to Uptown, your favorite coffee shop and Art gallery, as well as all our happenings.  The characters span generations and their relationships will touch your heart.  

Compass for 7/25/20

In April of 2015, a church group from Tumwater set out in seven kayaks for a day paddle on Dungeness Bay.  After lunch, a predicted 35 mph wind kicked up with three-foot seas, and three of the kayakers overturned.  At that time of year, water temperature averages in the high 40 degrees.  While all three were eventually rescued, each had spent about two hours in the water. Two of the three died while receiving medical attention.  None of them had been wearing clothing and gear suitable for cold water immersion.

This year on July 12,  a 31-year-old kayaker capsized in Port Angeles Harbor near the City Pier. He was not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD).  At rescue, the man was extremely hypothermic, unresponsive, and near death.

On Monday, July 13, a 31 year-old man failed to return from a paddle from Freshwater Bay to Ediz Hook.  Only his kayak was found, along with an unworn PFD.

In light of recent events, KPTZ’s Mermaid Keri introduces you to a timely reprise of our Compass Kayak Safety Special produced after the Dungeness incident in 2015.

Louie and Selena

(Airdate: July 24, 2020) Louie and Selena of Louie’s World talk about Karaoke during a pandemic.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 7/24

Today’s Through Science to Health conversation between Lynn Sorensen, RN and Chris Bricker, KPTZ host, touched on many topics: the local and national numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the U.S.; the rapidly increasing rate of confirmed cases from 3 million to 4 million in the past 15 days; travel advisories with 14-day quarantine rules now in place in states with fewer COVID-19 cases for travelers from ‘hot spot’ states, Washington state included; vaccine development and eventual access to a COVID-19 vaccine; who will get it and who can afford to get it; and the question of how schools will re-open this academic year, virtually or in person.


(First airdate: July 22, 2020) Carrie Garrison-Laney is a tsunami hazards specialist with Washington Sea Grant, based out of the University of Washington where she researches past tsunami deposits found around the Puget Sound. Her work includes identifying paleo-tsunami deposits and determining their age using carbon dating. Learn facts about tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest, both past and future.

Nature Now #472
Broadleaf Trees of Quimper Peninsula

(Airdate: July 29, 2020) In the second of a set of conversations about the native trees of the Quimper Peninsula, Nan Evans and Erik Kingfisher spend an afternoon in the field looking for and talking about the broad leaf trees – both the deciduous ones and the evergreen broad leafs.

Habitat for Humanity During COVID-19

(Airdate: July 21, 2020) The critical need for housing that has been laid bare by the Coronavirus. Permanent, affordable, healthy and low cost housing is  urgently needed. Jefferson County Habitat for Humanity offers that opportunity. Executive Director Jamie Maciejewski speaks with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can to catch us up on how this organization is doing.

County Public Health Report ~ 7/20

Today’s Public Health briefing from Dr. Tom Locke addressed various concerns about the masking requirement, as well as interpretation of the impact of the most recent case count uptick both national and in smaller measure, in our county.

In the Emergency Management briefing, Director Willie Bence announced the upcoming potential difficulty in obtaining PPE, based on the recent national upswing in cases, and anticipation of receiving cloth masks to distribute, and a reminder to cover nostrils as well as mouth when wearing face coverings, as is now mandatory.

Amy Bartlett

(Airdate: July 17, 2020) Amy J. Bartlett, former employee of the Chimacum School District, offers her perspectives on Jefferson County schools pre- and post-pandemic.

Elisheba Johnson

(Airdate: July 17, 2020) Elisheba Johnson, member of the Executive Cohort of Wa Na Nari, and “shy arts administrator trying to change the world”, talks about supporting Black arts and culture in Washington.

Jefferson Community Foundation ~ 7/17

On alternate Fridays at 12:10pm, Chris Bricker and Co-Host Siobhan Canty, President and CEO of JCF, talk about new developments, new paradigms, and the “new normal” facing Jefferson County through the work of Jefferson Community Foundation and the local nonprofits the organization supports. Discussed on today’s show were an update on the COVID-19 Fund and its need for flexibility, the Good Neighbor Campaign, an update on the Interlocal Collaboration Group, back-to-school issues; and how we can grow our local economy while lessening our dependence on tourists.

Compass for 7/18/20

In ordinary times, the Port Townsend Main Street Program serves as an essential behind-the-scenes booster for the economic well-being of the town’s commercial prospects. From keeping the uptown and downtown retail districts spruced up with everything from hanging flower baskets to holiday decorations, to luring tourists to town with programs like the Concerts on the Docks and the Uptown Street Fair, the volunteers and staff of the non-profit organization work tirelessly year-round to keep the local economic engine purring. But these are not ordinary times, and like the rest of the economy, the Main Street Program has been forced to curtail much of its activity. This week on the Compass, we check in Main Street Program Director Mari Mullen about how the town’s businesses, and their biggest booster, are doing.