Everybody Can

Where the Elwha River Meets the Sea

(First airdate: February 21, 2019) Washington Sea Grant’s Coastal Hazards Specialist Dr. Ian Miller discusses impacts and lessons learned after the removal of the two Elwha dams and the subsequent creation of new shoreline at the mouth of the Elwha River. Find out what the latest changes are on the Elwha River since the dam removals – and what they mean to you.

Climate Change and Life in the Sea, Part 2

Nan Evans continues her conversation with Dr. Jan Newton, a biological oceanographer at the University of Washington, about climate change and the work being done to better understand how the oceans are being affected and what this can mean for human communities.

Key City Theater-Unmasking the Opportunities!

(First airdate: February 19, 2019) Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen speaks with Denise Winter of Key City Public Theatre about her 13 years as the artistic director. In that time, KCPT has served nearly 15,000 patrons per year and produced over 200 performances, events and workshops. Learn how you can contribute your time and talent to this landmark performance company.

Laura Weaver

(First airdate: February 19, 2019 Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with Colorado poet and spiritual guide Laura Weaver about the poems in her book Luminous:  Poems and Inquiry for the Soul’s Journey.  

Compass for the Week of 2/18/2019

Cannabis has medicinal qualities that haven’t been proven, as it is still illegal to study the drug. But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that supports its curative properties. On this week’s Compass we talk to Dawn Darrington, who maintains that medicinal pot cured her breast cancer. Whether you believe that or not, it’s clear that cannabis isn’t just for getting high anymore.

Nature Now #399
Megan Anderson

(First airdate: February 13, 2019). Mary Robson and Dr. Megan Anderson discuss the geology and geophysical forces that shaped our region, hoping to make an accurate map of the underworld here.

Port Ludlow Project

(First airdate: February 12, 2019) Who’s dead behind the couch; Max, bring your kit.

#129 James Kennedy, Jeffco’s New Prosecutor

(First airdate: February 12, 2019) Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis, interviews James Kennedy, Jefferson County’s new Prosecuting Attorney. He’s a decorated military veteran and a father of three. He brings to the office boundless enthusiasm and a determination to get the job done. Kennedy wants to revitalize the prosecutor’s office. He has openly questioned the turnover in the office under previous leadership.

Compass for the Week of 2/11/2019

The publisher of the Port Townsend Leader newspaper tells us what went wrong last year, takes most of the blame himself, and explains why he expects a bright future for local journalism.

Lyanda Lynn Haupt

(First airdate: February 6, 2019) Lyanda Lynn Haupt visits with Cris Wilson to talk about Mozart’s Starling who is said to have inspired the theme in the Piano Concerto #17 in G!  From Vienna to Seattle, Lyanda helps us fall in love with a much maligned member of the avian tribe.

Behind the Microphone with Kate Ingram

(First airdate: February 5, 2019) KPTZ’s own Kate Ingram reveals to Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen the many working parts behind the microphone at KPTZ. From the history of KPTZ to the many scores of dedicated volunteers, find out how this local public station keeps our community informed on local and global issues.

Kevin Clark

(First airdate: February 5, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks by phone with California poet Kevin Clark about his poetry, career as a poet, and how he teaches new poets to write toward surprise. 

Compass for the Week of 2/04/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with award-winning journalist Dahr Jamail about his new book titled The End of Ice, for which he circled the globe to document in devastating detail the heartbreaking realities of runaway climate disruption.

Nature Now #397
Ocean Circulation

(First airdate: January 30, 2019) Nan Evans interviews UW oceanographer Dr. Charlie Eriksen about new ways to observe the movement of ocean currents and what that means for the advancement of our understanding of global phenomena. Charlie has literally restructured how we look at the ocean. Part 2 (First interview aired October 17, 2018)

#128 Bill Kraut, Hadlock Building Supply

(First airdate: January 29, 2019) HARDWARE HEAVEN IN HADLOCK. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Bill Kraut, the owner of Hadlock Building Supply. As a young sailor on a submarine, Bill had no clue that he’d one day be running a thriving hardware business on the Olympic Peninsula. But love showed him the way. This Indiana boy met his now wife Elena Lovato online. The rest, as they say, is history. The couple now have two teenage sons and are quite active in all sorts of charity events around the peninsula.

Compass for the Week of 1/28/2018

This week on the Compass, our reporter Chris Bricker attends a training in which elders at San Juan Villa learn songwriting from six professionals as part of the Bringing the Music Home Project, an evidence-based program aimed at promoting cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being.

William Powers

(First airdate: January 22, 2019) Host Sheila Bender travels 9000 kilometers via Skype to interview William Powers at his home in Bolivia. Powers is a Senior Fellow at the New York City-based think tank World Policy Institute, and his new book is Dispatches From The Sweet Life: One Family, Five Acres, and a Community’s Quest to Reinvent the World.

Olympic Pet Pals

(First airdate: January 22, 2019) Therapy Services Dogs that Bring Smiles. Everybody Can talks to Pam Kolacy and Carla Ellis of the Olympic Mountain Pet Pals – an organization dedicated to therapy outreach to seniors and students, as well as providing low cost spay and neutering services for our companion animals in Jefferson County. Learn how you can join this effort to reduce euthanasia in our shelters and bring smiles to those in our community who are unable to have a furry companion.

Nature Now #395
Counting Eagles

(First airdate: January 16, 2019) Counting eagles and tracking their food source on the edge of Dabob Bay,  Peter Bahls and Jane Hall describe the data collected in their studies.

#127 Brenda Wildcat

(First airdate: January 15, 2019) BRENDA WILDCAT: A MOTHER’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Brenda Wildcat, the mother of a transgender child. Brenda survived a childhood in foster care, with multiple moves and schools. By the age of 21 she was a single mother with two kids to support. The brutal custody fights over her son culminated in her getting custody when he was 12 year old. He grew up,  married and had a child of his own before coming out. A reality television show on TLC has documented his transition from male to female, including multiple surgeries. Brenda has struggled with questions. But, in the end, a mother’s love led to her acceptance if her child and the difficult decisions made.

Compass for the Week of 1/14/2019

This week, Compass focuses on the upcoming fire annexation proposal, which is to be addressed by the voters on February 12. To discuss the proposal we have Port Townsend Mayor Deborah Stinson and East Jefferson Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Bill Beezley, discussing the pros and cons of bringing city fire services under the East Jefferson Fire Rescue umbrella.

Nature Now #394
Climate Change and Life in the Sea

Nan Evans talks with Dr. Jan Newton, a biological oceanographer, about how climate changes are affecting life in the sea and how scientists are learning to predict these changes in different areas of the oceans. And what does that mean for human communities?

Peter Donahue

(First airdate: January 8, 2019) Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Washington novelist Peter Donahue about his new book Three Sides Water, three short novels containing a cast of disparate characters finding their way during different decades in communities around the Olympic Peninsula.

Marine Science Center, 2018

(Reprise – first airdate: March 20, 2018) This reprise of Everybody Can dives in with Diane Quinn, program director for the Port Townsend Marine Science Center along with Jo Ferrero to provide our listeners with the inside story about volunteering at this well-loved landmark located at Ft. Worden. From tides to shorelines, docents to citizen scientists – the opportunities abound for community connections.