KPTZ 2020 ~ Change

KPTZ 2020 ~ Change includes the audio clip from DJ host Dalana’s Music to My Ears show, aired on 7/08 and 7/11/20. KPTZ Programming Lead Ruby Fitch, host of Beach Rumble, added the snapshot of KPTZ during the summer of 2020 to get the word out about the many new developments on the 91.9FM airwaves, over recent weeks, with more changes due. Stay tuned!

Remember when change was something you found at the bottom of your purse or jacket pocket?

Well those days are definitely over. Now, because of the pandemic, we are bombarded with changes we never even dreamt of – while losing thousands of people to this virus. Change – starting with the countless weeks most of us stayed home, schools closed, most businesses shut down, the rampant unemployment, streets empty of cars, but full of protestors, and shortages of everyday things. Not to mention how we risk our lives to go shopping or fill up our cars, the risk of standing too close to people without face coverings, the risk of hugging a friend or kissing our grandchildren.

Change, risk, death, repeat.

The physical and mental anguish filling our lives begs for most of us to strive for some moments of peace, some respite from the world that’s spinning as always, but so much more confusing, troubling, frightening and changed.

So far, 2020 has been a challenging and inspiring time of adaptation and creativity for KPTZ, as we’ve pivoted to meet the evolving needs of our local community. Our 91.9 FM family of staff and volunteers has found profound solace and purpose in our work as a resource hub for public health information. We feel honored to be a source of comfort, connection, and communication during this period of hardship and social isolation.

The keystone of KPTZ’s COVID-era programming has been the Monday morning broadcast of the weekly Public Health Update from the Board of County Commissioners’ meeting.
You’re listening.
We’re listening.
We are all tuned in to hear Jefferson County Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke and Director of Emergency Management Willie Bence provide current regional and national information about the virus and its effects in our community.

Wellness and safety are always at the core of KPTZ’s messaging and momentum. This is reflected in the production and broadcast of Public Service Announcements – short, informational reminders about masking, testing, and health. And in our thoughtfully curated KPTZ Local News and Community Resources weekday features, as well as Through Science to Health, where experienced public health professionals digest the current thinking about best practices for staying healthy.

KPTZ has been called upon to air civic meetings & special events during a time when we as a community cannot safely gather in-person. Besides airing special joint meetings of our elected officials, we have partnered to broadcast City Council meetings, Port Commission meetings, and special candidate forums. Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro has also come forward to chat with constituent listeners directly, with his weekly call-in show Brewocracy Now.

In the midst of all of this, we are all doing our best to entertain and delight you! With new KPTZ shows like Filter, Crackin’ the Vault, Cats in Our Laps, It’s Saturday! & Live From Rainshadow. As well as our regular roster of music, conversation and wonderful what-not. Visit for our full daily and weekly schedules.
Thank you, listeners.
From KPTZ 91.9FM.
Radio does truly connect us all!
We at KPTZ want you to know that no one is suffering alone. We remain here for our community and all of our listeners during this very difficult time. Stay masked! Stay Safe! And stay with us at 91.9FM.

Compass for the Week of 10/22/2018

The number of people wishing to weigh in on Jefferson County’s draft commercial shooting range ordinance on October 1 overwhelmed the venue for the meeting and led to the scheduling of a do-over on Wednesday, October 24 at Fort Worden’s McCurdy Pavilion. This week on the Compass, we talk with a man who is both one of the chief architects of the ordinance and one of its strongest critics, Tarboo Ridge Coalition Board President Peter Newland.

More KPTZ Coverage of the Shooting Range Issue:

KPTZ Special Compass Report for 10/22/2018

As we near the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we talk with Jasmine Faulk-Dickerson, a certified Holistic Cancer Coach. She tells KPTZ’s Phil Andrus that cancer treatment works best if we combine traditional western medicine with a focus on body, mind, spirit and emotions … and she came to this conclusion after her own fight with breast cancer.

Tossed Salad for 10/19/2018

Phil Andrus gets us started early this Friday with Can’t Wait for Salad at 12:40pm, featuring Grace Love telling about the Sadie Hawkins Prom. Thereafter, Tossed Salad proper (if it can ever be called proper) brings us:

1:00Chuck Easton and George Radebaugh
2:00 – Port of PT Exec Director Jim Pivarnik, Liz Hoenig, and Charley Kanieski, with Scott Wilson
3:00Tom Jay, “A Word and a Poem”
3:15Sam Weber, folksy trio
4:00Cristina Manzoni and Onnolee Stevens, Jefferson Healthcare Hospice
4:30Don White, reading “A Fable Ending in the Sound of a Thousand Parakeets”, by Kevin Brockmeier

Great Shake Out Drill

KPTZ’s Emergency Team is on board in case of any major emergency, and on Thursday October 18 we’re participating in the annual ShakeOut Drill. We join Willie Bence, Director of Jefferson County’s Department of Emergency Management, in sharing this information:

On Thursday, October 18, at 10:18am, please take a minute out of your busy lives to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On.” This exercise is simple, but should not be underrated.

Wherever you are at 10:18am Thursday morning, DROP under a sturdy table, desk or chair. COVER your head and your neck. HOLD ON to the object you are taking cover under to prevent it from moving over you.

If you are outside, move clear of any building facades, trees, and power lines that might fall. If you driving, slow down and pull off the roadway until the shaking stops.

If you are in a tsunami evacuation zone (up to 50 feet above sea level), once shaking stops, grab your go kit and head to higher ground. The Shakeout is a great opportunity to practice your route.

For more information on emergency preparedness or to sign up for Jefferson County Emergency Management’s Nixle emergency text alerts, head to

Alternatively, to sign up for Nixle alerts, simply text JEFFCODEM to 888777 to be automatically enrolled.

Compass for the Week of 10/15/2018

On this week’s Compass KPTZ correspondent Charlie Bermant interviews Washington State representative District 24 hopefuls Jim McEntire and Steve Tharinger. Aired live on October 15, this is the final installment of a series of three live candidate interviews.


Tossed Salad for 10/12/2018

With Fall really here, Phil Andrus starts Can’t Wait for Salad at 12:40 with Danny Milholland talking about the Apple and Cider Festival. Thereafter we have:

1:00Seattle Lilla Spelmanslag: Maren Moore, Sonja Edmondson, Emma Kvart, Eva Odderson, Marit Bloom, Shaylah Guynes, Isobel Wright, and Martha Levenson, director
2:00Bob Rosen, South County Report, with Sharon and Frank Redmon (the new Superintendent of the Quilcene School)
2:30Judith-Kate Friedman, “Songs from the Sound”
3:00Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
3:30John Maxwell, blues guy
4:00Gus Clark, country guy
4:30Deborah Kate Hammond, reading from Lena Khalaf Tuffaha’s “Water and Salt”