Tossed Salad Archive Presented to JCHS

JCHS Archivist Ellie DiPietro and KPTZ DJ/host Phil Andrus (Photo credit: Barney Burke)

In December, Phil Andrus, host of KPTZ’s Cats in Our Laps presented the Jefferson County Historical Society with a complete audio archive of the Tossed Salad radio show. Tossed Salad was hosted by Andrus and aired every Friday on KPTZ for ten years. The show spotlighted regional non-profits, musicians, public service groups, artists, thinkers and organizers. The Tossed Salad archive will be part of the JCHS’s collection and was received by Ellie DiPietro, Jefferson County Historical Society Research Center Director. Listen to Phil Andrus on Cats in Our Laps on Sundays from 8-10pm on KPTZ.

Ten years of Tossed Salad was a close-up lens on ten years of life in Port Townsend and Jefferson County, from 2011 to 2020. The audio archive which KPTZ and I are presenting to the Jefferson County Historical Society includes interviews of history made and history in the making, as well as music made very much in the moment in the tiny KPTZ studio. There will come a time when these ten Salad years will bring the past, our present, alive for our descendants in voice and song.”
~ Phil Andrus, host & producer of KPTZ’s Tossed Salad

People often do not think about the times that we are living through as historic, but so much of what we experience day to day will be invaluable to people looking back at these times. Radio is such a great snapshot into our daily lives – it captures a unique perspective of what people want to engage with and share with each other. Tossed Salad has captured a decade of local perspective and we are very excited and honored to accept that into the JCHS collection!
~ Ellie DiPietro Jefferson County Historical Society Research Center Director

The Klallam Word of the Week

Beginning in January! KPTZ proudly partners with the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and KSQM Sequim to bring you The Klallam Word of the Week, spotlighting a Klallam language word by pronunciation, definition and use. The Klallam Word of the week airs on KPTZ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:15pm, immediately following the station’s evening news block (consisting of KPTZ Local News, the day’s Community Calendar, and National Native News).

This week’s Klallam Word of the Week is Cat

Vocal talents for Word of the Week provided by Mary Norton, Charlene Dick and Loni Greninger, including Music performed by Joshua Little Sunday.  

#142 Terry Snider, Lab Tech

(First airdate: September 24, 2019) TERRY SNIDER: NOT A BLOODY VAMPIRE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Terry Snider, lab tech at Jefferson Healthcare. Terry is part of the bustling lab where two technicians run tests on over 100 individuals every day. She’s on the front line for screening for all sorts of diseases. Over the years she’s developed strategies to coping with everything from squalling toddlers to overly macho teenage boys. Yes, there is the occasional faint at the sight of blood, but it’s rare. Her childhood struggles with asthma sparked her interest in the medical field.

Compass for the Week of 9/23/2019

This week on the Compass, we reprise our coverage of two special days in June 2019, when ceremonies brought acknowledgement of several thousand years of rich social and religious indigenous culture, ownership and rejection of past intolerance by the white man, and the opportunity to educate citizens and visitors alike about the relationship between the ‘SKlallam People and the European settlers who came to occupy this special place the ‘Sklallams called the village of Qatay. A 30-foot totem arrived at the foot of Water Street, and the Cheech-ma-han Trail was dedicated and embraced by the community. Join us as we revisit some of the sounds, voices and music of these two celebratory days.

KPTZ ~ Live from PTFF Opening Ceremonies

KPTZ is on location for the upcoming Port Townsend Film Festival, complete with a 2-hour special broadcast on 91.9FM, live from the Festival’s opening ceremonies on Friday, September 20 from 5 to 7pm. KPTZ DJ hosts Chris Bricker, Buzzy Donahue, and Charlie Bermant will be joined by PT Leader reporter Lily Haight to interview filmmakers as the festivities get underway. 

Archived broadcasts of KPTZ’s coverage of the 2019 PT Film Festival can be streamed here

Tossed Salad for 9/20/2019

Phil Andrus returns to bring us a refreshing Welcome-to-Fall Tossed Salad. This week’s ingredients include:
1:00Justine Gonzalez-Berg, WSU Farm Tour
1:15Chuck and George, Easton and Radebaugh, assorted instruments
2:00Kristina Mayer and Steve Martin, candidates for the Chimacum School Board
2:45Amanda Milholland, PT Farmers Market
3:30Richard and Suzanne Friedricks, music of Asia east and west
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette, reading

Dying – Everybody Does It

(First airdate: September 17, 2019) Everybody Can‘s Missy Nielsen talks with Washington State Health Advocate Carrie Andrews. She spends much of her time helping to bring peace of mind to her clients, empowering and educating them as they navigate the tough subject of dying. Join us for this compelling conversation and learn how Carrie makes this tough topic approachable.

KPTZ Drawing for PTFF Passes

Until Tuesday morning Sept. 16 at 8:30am, you can enter a drawing for a 6-pack of Port Townsend Film Festival passes. The drawing will be held on Chris Bricker‘s Tuesday show, Morning on the Salish. Any listener who donates to become a KPTZ member between now and Tuesday morning will be entered into the drawing to win one of the 6-packs good for any 6 admissions to Festival films. Simply click Donate Now at the top of this page, or stop into the station during office hours and make your pledge.

On Friday, September 20th from 5 to 7pm KPTZ will air a 2-hour special broadcast on 91.9FM, live from the Festival’s opening ceremonies.