Deeper Blues

A new locally produced program on KPTZ! Tune in for Deeper Blues with Chicago Bob Longmire, a time set aside for an in-depth focus on various aspects of blues culture: performers, styles, social issues, and more. Every Tuesday at 7pm Bob will focus on a different performer or topic for an hour to enjoy learning more of this uniquely American culture. Please also note Bill Mericier’s Jazz Notes new start time of 8pm on Tuesdays, following Deeper Blues.

Born in Tacoma, Bob Longmire lived in Chicago for over 40 years before coming “home”, drawn by Port Townsend’s creative spirit and by Puget Sound.  Deeper Blues is his chance to share music and stories that underlie the blues, toward a better understanding of those who shaped it, enjoyed it, and developed it over the decades.

Jefferson County February 2021 Case Numbers

This graph shows the monthly and cumulative number of COVID-19 infections reported in Jefferson County, from March through February, 2021. Data source: Jefferson County Public Health Department website, graph created by KPTZ.

As of February 28, 2020 the total number of COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County was 335. There were 28 cases in January, slightly more than the spike of 79 in November.

KPTZ’s Love Line

Call KPTZ’s LOVE LINE now! In anticipation of KPTZ’s 24-hour Valentine’s Day programming special & fundraiser on Feb. 13-14, we are asking our listeners to call and leave a message of love on KPTZ’s LOVE LINE. Call and record a dedication, an anecdote, a wish, a poem, a love note…or even a serenade in the night. Call (360) 912-8123, to leave your message. We kindly request that your message be 30 seconds or less.

We will play your dedications on the air during KPTZ’s 24-hour Valentine’s Day Love Fest! The on-air Love Fest kicks off on Thursday, February 13 at 7pm and runs through Friday, February 14 at 7pm. We’ll feature special live musical performances, themed DJ sets, literary readings, and your heartfelt messages! KPTZ’s

LOVE LINE will accept messages until Monday, February 10.
Call now and share the love!

Tossed Salad for 2/7/2020

My, how fast January became history! Now it’s February and we have Taylor Clark taking a turn as host for Tossed Salad. He’s got a stellar program lined up for us to snuggle into:
1:00Tracy Spring, Guitar & vocals; poetry and music
2:00Kim Pratt, Olympic Peninsula Wearable Art
2:20Bonnie Obremski,Heart Stories
2:40Jeannie McMacken & Greg Brotherton, 2020 Census
3:00Douglas Francisco, Shakey Barber
4:00Susan Brittain, Sound Experience/Adventuress
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette reading

Nature Now #448
Toxic Phytoplankon

(First airdate: February 5, 2020) Nature Now Host Nan Evans and Jamestown S’Klallam environmental biologist Neil Harrington talk about harmful phytoplankton in the Salish Sea, recent research findings, and the public health efforts to protect us all.

Recovery Cafe – Community, Connections and Coffee

(First airdate: February 3, 2020) Brian Richardson of the Dove House Recovery Cafe and Americorps’ Recovery Coach Ben Casserd share the progress being made at the Olympic Peninsula’s first Recovery Café with host Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can. Learn how you can support the launch of this unique membership-based support system for folks along the road to recovery .

Compass for the Week of 2/03/2020

This week on the Compass we take you inside the cheese production facility at Mount Townsend Creamery on its last day of operation, and we talk with the employees and Creamery co-founder Ryan Trail about the sad end of an institution that was until very recently considered perhaps the brightest light of the local food economy.

Nature Now #447
Predatory Coyotes

(First airdate: January 29, 2020) Host Mary Robson talks with Darrell Smith of Western Wildlife Outreach about coyotes and their predatory place in our society.