Nutrition Matters / Daniella Chace

Nutrition Matters / Daniella Chace

Nutrition Matters is a little morsel of health science information covering hot topics in toxicology, medicine, and nutrition, all in a compelling two-minute module.

Host Daniella Chace is a clinical nutritionist with degrees in Natural Health Science as well as Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle WA. She lives in Port Townsend where she reads mountains of research and translates new scientific discoveries into practical health guidance for her radio show, the health books she writes, and classes she teaches. Most locals know her for her clinical practice in which she works with individuals to help them find the underlying cause of their diseases via lab testing and helps them heal through a plant-based diet.

About Nutrition Matters: The show presents compelling studies that shed light on the cause of disease as well as key factors in healing and wellness. Topics often covered are new developments in the fields of nutrigenomics, epigenetics, environmental medicine, and microbiology. Nutrition Matters is also played on NPR (National Public Radio) stations across the United States via the PRSS (Public Radio Satellite System).

You can contact Daniella at and learn more at her website.

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