KPTZ 2016 Strategic Plan Summary


The mission of KPTZ Radio Port Townsend is to build and strengthen community throughout the Northeast Olympic Peninsula. We actively engage our listeners through high quality community radio programming that is entertaining and service oriented.

We value an environment and services that are:
Local, eclectic, authentic, sustainable, inclusive, fair and balanced, professional, consistent, relevant and fun.


• KPTZ produces excellent and relevant programming/content
• KPTZ offers a rewarding, engaging and fulfilling environment for staff and volunteers
• KPTZ seeks new methods to delivery content to a growing audience
• KPTZ provides vital public services to our community
• KPTZ is well known by call letters and frequency throughout Jefferson County
• KPTZ actively engages in the community
• KPTZ has the funding to achieve all of its goals

The strategic goals in this document are intended to move the organization toward this vision.


Facilitator Rachel Williams

Board: Colin Foden President, Steve Shapiro Treasurer, Larry Dennison Secretary
Board Directors: Mari Mullen, Nate Malmgren, Don White , Bill Kiely ,Robert Ambrose Director

Staff: Nora Petrich Station Manager, Larry Stein Program Director, Bill Putney Chief Engineer, Molly Klupfell Development Director, Shannon Davies Underwriting

Broadcasters: Phil Andrus DJ, Charlie Fleishman Producer, Jonathan Ward DJ, Tim Quakenbush – DJ, Producer, Mike Schleckser – Staff and DJ/Producer, Maryanne McNellis Producer

STRATEGIC GOALS FOR 2016 (in priority order)

#1. 2016 Strategic Goal: Employ a full time General Manager (GM) / Executive Director in 2016

  • Implementation Strategy:
    1. Create an clear job description and goals
    2. Budget for the total staff salary and tax
    3. Design and implement a hiring processes.
    4. Budget for adequate salaries, reviews, benefits 
  • Key People: Board Executive committee, Larry Stein

#2. 2016 Strategic Goal: Develop space plan both for current needs and for future growth

    • Implementation Strategy:
      1. Develop a plan to improve the current physical environment to include possibly more room, communal space, library, performing space, storage, sound proofing.
      2. Look for space within the Commons complex
Form committee of operation staff and board members to explore options, both short and long term
      3. Negotiate with the Youse family to safeguard the use of transmitter site and study alternate transmitter sites.
        Product: A recommendation that will address both the Commons and options if our transmitter site occupancy is threatened and a recommendation on how to improve the physical environment.
    • Key People: Physical space Committee including Board (Robert, William, Steve)

#3. 2016 Strategic Goal: Meet the income goal of $124,000 for 2016

  • Implementation Strategy:
    1. Maintain current levels of fundraising in the areas of mailers, fund drives and 
    2. Consider a contract to meet major donor objectives.
    3. Utilize estate planning in our funding for the future.
    4. Approve all new projects based on a cost/benefit analysis.
    5. Create and fund a capital budget for new projects and emergency funding.
    6. Create an equipment maintenance and replacement schedule.
    7. Increase the listening audience and membership by 10%
    8. Stabilize the role of underwriting sales by reporting directly to the GM and to 
generate a minimum of $26,000 gross revenue .
    9. Utilize the Board more directly in fund raising
    10. All year pitching
  • Key People: Board revenue committee (Larry D, Steve, Mari) and the General Manager

#4. 2016 Strategic Goal: Increase the KPTZ to 680 in 2016.

  • Implementation Strategy:
    1. Engage the community
    2. Form more alliances with outside groups
    3. Become a sounding board for local non profits and service organizations
    4. Educate the community and organizations of our role as a 
communication outlet.
    5. Chat features / phone with listeners
    6. Preview and promote local art events
    7. Increase the amount of local news, calendar, weather forecasts, 
maritime conditions, interviews and political debates
    8. Continue to explore new frequencies and methods of improving local 
    9. Set up advisory groups for different age groups
    10. Continue to hold an annual event to celebrate KPTZ and our community
    11. Marketing
    12. Develop our market and our brand, improve signage, bumper stickers, 
build on our definition of our community; “We are the voice of Port 
Townsend serving the NE Olympic Peninsula”
    13. Sponsor more events
    14. Play our station at public events
    15. KPTZ Schedule in the newspapers
    16. KPTZ Business support stickers
  • Methods of delivery
    Regular Facebook updates
    Leverage podcast technology and opportunities
    Increase the use of Twitter for DJ’s and hosts
    Mobile apps for all platforms
    Focused programming, Marketing and technical strategy
  • Key People: Board (Nate, Mari) and the General Manager

#5. 2016 Strategic Goal: Increase the volunteer base and maximize the retention of our volunteers.

Implementation Strategy:
Create a position for a Volunteer Coordinator
Improve volunteer care and reduce volunteer turnover
Accurately track and report on the hours of all volunteers
Increase our active volunteer base by 10%
Provide social opportunities for all volunteers and staff
Provide a communication to our volunteers – “What’s happening at KPTZ” 
o Product: 
Training materials.
Reduced turnover and burnout.

Key People: Board (Don, Colin) and the General Manager

#6. 2016 Strategic Goal To be integrated into the first responder services and fully prepared to be an important part of the response team for any local emergency situation (from 2015 plan)

Implementation Strategy:
Prepare KPTZ to respond by ongoing training and practice drills
Maintain and improve the KPTZ Emergency Committee to create protocols for 
how to communicate and respond to unexpected situations including actions to 
be taken if standard lines of communication are not available
Ensure that the transmitter site is kept well equipped and that staff are trained 
on how to use it.
Develop a strategy to provide additional engineering support
Fund the acquisition of short wave radios and other supplies
Maintain the close working relationship and trust with the JCEOC and other first 
Promote and educate the community on our role in emergency preparedness.
Product: Emergency operating procedures and training schedules for volunteers and staff, an operational backup studio, maintained emergency equipment and supplies, direct links to the JCEOC, inclusion in first responder materials and education.

Key People: Existing Emergency Preparedness Committee

#7. 2016 Strategic Goal: Refine our program mix to solidify our local focus while targeting new audiences.

Implementation Strategy:

Key strategy – Train a program manager to support the Program Director
Less development of logs and more live broadcasting
Use technology (twitter/video) as a means to deliver content.
Committee to develop additional talk show programming
Create a protocol for programming review and quality management
Package more “reruns” of live shows
Recruit and train more producers, editors and engineers
Encourage youth programming
Expand the news programming
Find a host for a regular news program involving the local newspapers
Form a member advisory group
Form a younger generation advisory group
Utilize feedback from our website on programming 
o Product:
Assistant to the Program director
Use community outreach (remote broadcasts/live concerts/recording of events) 
as a means to target new audiences
Podcast music programs for 14 days
Refined and evolving programming schedule
Guidelines and training for broadcasters.
Protocol for program quality review.
Live programming including phone in and youth.
News programming plan

Key People: Board (Don), GM, Program director

#8. 2016 Strategic Goal: Complete the building of a nine person board membership (from 2015 plan)

Note: The Board currently has 8 members and the board development committee is seeking to fill the 9th position. Outstanding tasks include:

  • Implementation Strategy:
    Ongoing strategic selection of board members with an emphasis on diversity, 
with experience in fund raising, marketing, and strong community connections
    Consider a 2 year term with the option to re-up.
    Create a succession plan

Key People: Board development committee (Robert, William)

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