COVID-19 Local Information

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Submit your Public Health questions to Dr. Tom Locke by emailing Note: The weekly deadline for these to be submitted is on Fridays at noon, to be answered at the following Monday’s BOCC meeting.

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New CDC Vax Guidelines May 2021
Schedule Your 5/22 Vaccination Appointment Now
Tiers for Vaccine Appointments
Mass Vaccination Upcoming Event
Post Vaccination Behavior
Stay Vigilant, COVID-19 Variant
Public Health Gratitude
Covid Vaccine Road Ahead
COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments
COVID-19 Vaccinations
Rising COVID, Rising Risk
Pandemic Fatigue
State of Washington Thanks You
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COVID-19 Mask Guidelines
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New CDC Vax Guidelines May 2021

The CDC has new guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated.
You’re fully vaccinated two weeks after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two weeks after the second dose of other vaccines.
Fully vaccinated people don’t need masks for most outdoor activities, including small gatherings with vaccinated and unvaccinated people, outdoor dining with other households, or walking, running or biking with members of your own household.
Vaccinated people should still wear masks at crowded outdoor activities like sporting events, performances, and parades.
Everyone should continue to wear masks indoors, including hair salons, stores, gatherings of multiple households, theaters, and worship services.
To make an appointment, go to vaccine locator (dot) doh (dot) wa (dot) gov (here).
Or, call the Department of Emergency Management at 360-344-9791 from 9am to 5pm weekdays. That’s 344-9791.

Schedule Your 5/22 Vaccination Appointment Now

(May 15, 2021) Jefferson County Public Health and the Department of Emergency Management will hold a second dose Moderna vaccination clinic at the Chimacum High School Multi-Purpose Room, 91 West Valley Rd., on Saturday, May 15 from 9am to noon. In the afternoon from 1-2:30pm on May 15, the single-dose J&J vaccine will be offered. Only 54 doses will be available. Appointments are recommended and walk-ins will be accepted. Also, there will be a first dose vaccination opportunity in the afternoon from 1-2:30pm. Appointments for the first dose vaccination are preferred, however, walk-ins will be accepted.
To make an appointment, log on to or call 360-344-9791.

Tiers for Vaccine Appointments

(April 5, 2021) Two new tiers are open for vaccine appointments. All current locations, along with specifics on who is eligible, are listed on the website, JeffersonCountyPublicHealth (dot) org. If you don’t have online access, help is available weekdays at the Department of Emergency Management Vaccine Phone Line. Call 360-344-9791. That’s 344-9791. Thank you!

Mass Vaccination Upcoming Event

(March 22, 2021) Our next local mass vaccination clinic, open to those now eligible, is happening this Saturday. This Department of Emergency Management and Jefferson County Public Health event is at the Chimacum School District Multi-Purpose Room, 91 West Valley Road, from 9am to 3pm. You’ll find the web links and phone number to schedule your COVID vaccination appointment are posted now at

Post Vaccination Behavior

(March 11, 2021) Our state Department of Health has adopted recent CDC vaccination guidance. We can now cautiously lift some restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated.
You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your Pfizer or Moderna second dose, OR 14 days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
Fully vaccinated people may now gather indoors with others who are fully vaccinated, without wearing masks, and can meet with unvaccinated people from a single household who are at low risk for severe COVID-19 infection.
We all need to remain vigilant in the face of slowing, but continued viral transmission and more variants, regardless of your vaccination status. Please continue to follow CDC guidelines to keep us all safer until everyone who wants a vaccine can get one.
Thank you.

Stay Vigilant, COVID-19 Variants

(February 25, 2021) COVID-19 infections have been declining across the country as well as in Washington, where Jefferson County has the second-lowest number of cases per capita in the whole state.
That’s great news, but… Every expert from Dr. Fauci to our County Health Officer, Dr. Locke, is concerned about the recent COVID-19 variants first discovered in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Both of these are now in Washington state. The South African variant may render some vaccines less effective. The UK variant is much more contagious and fast becoming the dominant strain in the US.
We’re vaccinating people as fast as we can in Jefferson County, but until that job is done, it’s essential that everyone – vaccinated or not – continue to mask up, wash up, keep your distance, and avoid gatherings with people outside of your household.
If you think you may have symptoms or been exposed to someone with symptoms, please, get tested right away. Thank you.

Public Health Gratitude

(Feb. 10, 2021) KPTZ would like to express our gratitude to Jefferson County Health Officer, Dr. Tom Locke and Department of Emergency Management Director Willie Bence. And to all our public health professionals, our elected officials, also to the many volunteers who serve our community. Since the pandemic started, you’ve provided the tools and support to empower us to keep ourselves, our families, and our community safe. We appreciate all your hard work!

Covid Vaccine Road Ahead

(Jan. 27, 2021) Getting enough of us vaccinated takes time ~ and more importantly, a steady supply of COVID-19 vaccine.
As Dr. Tom Locke says, all pandemics end, eventually.
Vaccinated or not, we’ll need to keep masking up, washing up, and social distancing until the pandemic subsides.
Until then, local restaurants and businesses really need our support.
It’a long road ahead, and we can get there if we all do our part.

COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments

(Jan. 20, 2021) COVID-19 vaccinations are underway in Jefferson County, and moving through the age brackets.
Appointments can be made online at, at Safeway, at, and now at QFC in Port Hadlock.
Please do not telephone the hospital or pharmacy for scheduling.
Go online to make your appointment, instead. Keep trying, and if you can, late at night and early mornings are good times to check.
If you do need help registering, call the local Department of Emergency Management weekdays from 9am to 4pm at 360-344-9791.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

(Jan. 20, 2021) COVID-19 vaccinations are underway in Jefferson County, starting with our most at risk citizens and moving down the age brackets.
Currently, Jefferson HealthCare and TriArea Pharmacy, offer vaccines by appointments only. These can be made online at or
Both websites have details about the process, including what to expect, what to bring and any paperwork needed to get your vaccine.
If you know anyone who is in this priority group, you are encouraged to reach out and let them know about this vaccination opportunity.
Please do not call Jefferson Healthcare or the pharmacy for scheduling.
KPTZ will let you know when other people in the current tier can get vaccinations, after our most vulnerable folks have received the vaccine.


(Dec. 2, 2020) Washington State’s Department of Health now offers WANotify, a simple, anonymous exposure notification tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The privacy-preserving technology works without collecting or revealing any personal data or location. WANotify can be easily enabled in iPhone settings, or downloaded as an app for Android phones. More information at

Rising COVID, Rising Risk

(Nov. 25, 2020) We’ve all done a great job of keeping the spread of COVID at bay, and with new advances in vaccines, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But it’ll be a good number of months before we can say “hasta la vista, baby” to the virus and cases are on the rise. So, our Department of Emergency Management is asking you to be COVID S.M.A.R.T. ! That’s S-M-A-R-T:
S: Sanitize frequently.
M: Mask appropriately – even with family & friends outside your household.
A: Air Flow – When socializing try to stay outside. If you’re inside, use fans and open windows to keep that air moving.
R: Room between people – Stay six feet apart whenever possible.
T: Technology for gatherings – Use video conferencing technology instead of in-person visits.
Keep up the great work everyone and Jefferson County will get through this…together.

Pandemic Fatigue

(Nov. 17, 2020) Now that we’re in the “third wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic, our state is experiencing a huge increase – not just in infections, but also, people have “pandemic fatigue.”
Yes, we’re getting pretty tired of wearing masks, staying six feet away from other people, washing our hands all day, and not being able to gather with our friends for a meal or a beer.
Like all pandemics, this one will eventually end. Early vaccine results are promising, but it appears we’re some months away from widespread vaccine availability.
So, fatigued or not, the most important thing for us all to do going forward, is maintain our efforts to slow the spread of infection ~ so our medical system isn’t overwhelmed.
Jefferson County has been doing a superb job. Thanks to all who continue to keep everyone safe!