Submit a Community Resource to KPTZ

KPTZ’s Community Resource listings are a new effort to spread the word – much like a bulletin board – about listings of interest or for the good of the community.

To submit your contribution, we are setting up a new email address for non-profits and businesses wishing to publicize services and activities of use to the public.

Community Resources will be announced each weekday at 8am, noon, and 5pm.

Examples of Resource Listings

  • Community resources for food, meals, and other services
  • Cancellations & closures that need to be publicized
  • Mental health resources
  • Mental health advice (tips for staying sane in troubling times)
  • Referrals to knowledgeable people about relevant topics

March 18, 2020 update: If you are looking to submit a calendar event, this used to be the page.  But with all group events currently being cancelled left and right due to the COVID-19 crisis, KPTZ is discontinuing our beloved Community Calendar to replace those broadcasts with KPTZ’s Community Resources listings.

To submit your event to the KPTZ’s Community Resources, review the submission guidelines below, then email your event information in the body of an email to at least a week ahead of time.

In the subject line, be sure to include the topic and any relevant dates for your listing.

All listings will be presented as a short writeup of the community resource. We appreciate your submissions and encourage you to help our hard-working volunteers by writing the information much as the words will be read when recorded for broadcast.

Submission Guidelines

  • We do not read press releases or lengthy announcements.
  • Our goal is to keep the total air time for this segment to five minutes, so some days we may include extended descriptions, while on busy days announcements must be trimmed.
  • We try to include everyone while recognizing that the primary purpose of these Community Resource listings is to promote local services.
  • KPTZ’s Community Resource listings are not for advertising ongoing activities. For ongoing promotions, please see our Underwriting page for more information.
  • We do not include phone numbers and only include web addresses if they are easy to say and for people to remember.
  • The less rewriting required on our part, the more likely a resource will be included.
  • A community resource listing is different from a Public Service Announcement (PSA). See the PSA description for further clarification.
  • To help ensure being included in KPTZ’s announcements, please submit your event no later than two weeks ahead.