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OUR MISSION at KPTZ Radio Port Townsend is to build and strengthen community throughout the Northeast Olympic Peninsula. We actively engage our listeners through high quality community radio programming that is entertaining and service oriented.

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KPTZ is the voice from Port Townsend that serves the Northeast Olympic Peninsula. As we look at where we are now, and look ahead to the vision of the dream we hold dear, we know that our future depends upon our ability to connect with our community in many ways. From the small core of founders, our volunteer support has grown to more than 60. Our volunteers reflect our diverse community, yet they are pulled together by a common desire to build a great radio station.

Through our community outreach, our station is a central listening post, a caring place where our listeners can come together to learn and discover the heart of the community that makes the Northeast Olympic Peninsula a remarkable place to live. KPTZ’s vision is to strengthen our community by developing synergy with businesses and local non-profits. In public service to our community, our “Care & Connect” campaign will connect our listeners to the valuable work of nonprofits.

KPTZ Radio Port Townsend 91.9 Community “Care & Connect”Campaign

Overview: KPTZ will choose a nonprofit organization each quarter of the year and partner with them. Each quarter KPTZ will connect with the organization chosen and promote them on the airwaves via live and taped interviews. We will also utilize print media, electronic newsletters, social media, and explore other methods in our partnership.

Purpose: KPTZ will deliver a public service program that educates our listeners and raises awareness about local issues. As a station rooted in this community, being engaged with it and learning about how we can meet its needs is an important core value. By using KPTZ resources and people to connect with community organizations who provide valuable goods and services to our community, our goal is that our listeners will appreciate and assign value to our “Care and Connect” campaign.

Delivery: Through several programs during the week, show hosts provide a forum for the “Care & Connect” campaign with a townsquare airwaves approach – telling stories that demonstrate the impact and value of the partner’s work in the community and raising issues of concern for listeners.

The “Care & Connect” campaign informs listeners about the work being carried out by the non profits in our community and encourage them to become actively engaged. Great stories can inspire and build relationships, attract new community partnerships, energize stakeholders, and lead to future opportunities and investment.

Promotion: A “Care & Connect” logo has been designed to give long-term identity for the campaign and strong brand building for KPTZ. Each year artwork will be commissioned for the campaign, incorporating visual images of the four partner organizations and KPTZ. It will be new artwork created annually that reflects the specific partnership of the organizations chosen each year.

The artwork will be placed onto KPTZ donor Thank You gifts, such as teeshirts and mugs, that are given out during our fundraising campaigns. The artwork will be used in all marketing materials such as newsletters, electronic media, brochures and other promotional materials.

The partner organizations will have the artwork available to promote their involvement in the campaign to their constituents. For example, it can be used in the partner’s newsletter, marketing materials, or website to promote the “Care & Connect” partnership with KPTZ.

For 2015 the partners chosen to participate in the KPTZ “Care & Connect” campaign are:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Boiler Room
  • Jefferson County Humane Society
  • Northwind Arts Center

For more information, please contact Nora Petrich, Station Manager

KPTZ Radio Port Townsend 91.9 FM


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