Near and Far / Kani-Ma

DJ Kani-ma spins Near and Far – featuring multi-cultural, folk, and ethnic music from around the world, local musicians, and musicians that have passed through our very own Port Townsend – many of whom she has seen perform live. She is passionate about music and community radio. She believes in supporting musicians through attending live performances, buying their music directly, and sharing their tunes on our “authentic, eclectic,” KPTZ. Kani-ma has had her ears tuned into radio all of her life and was inspired in her early years by Tom Donahue at KSAN in San Francisco (coincidentally the father of fellow DJ Buzzy Donahue), KPFA in Berkeley, and KUT in Austin. She curates her playlists mostly from her own extensive collection. In her spare time Kani-ma likes to dance, watch films at The Rose Theater, support the arts, ride her bike, and share the love! Email Kani-ma.