Pat’s Place ~ It Takes a Village!

A true community is one that looks after its own, because everyone needs a safe, decent, and stable place to live. For some of the most vulnerable people in our community – our brothers and sisters who suffer from chronic health conditions, trauma, mental illness, addiction, or just plain bad luck – a simple, secure, transitional space gives them a chance to catch their breath and regroup.

The Community Build Project is a dedicated band of volunteers who have now created a second wave of transitional living units (wooden “tents” or “tiny houses”) for our town ~ the self-contained village called Pat’s Place.

Videographer Dennis Daneau has documented the birth of Pat’s place, and KPTZ is proud to debut his video (above) for station listeners. Below is a recording of the February 25 “up close and personal” conversation between Dennis and KPTZ’s Chris Bricker, along with the Community Build’s Volunteer Coordinator, Debbi Steele.