WordSongs hosted by Ward Serrill (DJ WAS)

Thursdays 1-3pm, Jan. 27 – Feb. 10

Coming up on KPTZ, a special series of radio shows by local filmmaker, author, and DJ, Ward Serrill. WordSongs is dedicated to the poetics of music and the words that flow with the soul. DJ WAS will travel down a musical river of lyrical discovery, bringing the best from singer-songwriters new and old, famous and obscure. Good lyrics, no matter the style. Tune in for this limited run on Thursdays 1-3pm, starting Jan. 27 through Feb. 10. 

Ward Serrill is an award-winning writer and director. He also did over 500 radio shows on KRBD-FM in Ketchikan, Alaska over a ten-year period, twice winning the Listener’s Choice Award.