#194 Linda Rosenbury, PT Superintendent of Schools

(Airdate: February 8, 2022) Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Dr. Linda Rosenbury, PT’s new Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Rosenbury came to teaching from an art history background.  She soon found herself as a teacher and later a principal at some of the nation’s toughest schools in areas such as the Bronx and Brooklyn. At one point, her school had the distinction of being in the highest crime rate district in the nation. A full 100% of the kids in that school fell below the poverty line, thus qualifying for free or reduced-cost meals. Dr. Rosenbury soon realized that most schools faced common issues including a disciplinary system that simply removed kids on suspension and didn’t address the underlying problems. After earning a Doctorate at Harvard, she came to Port Townsend. Despite COVID-19 she has moved ahead with an ambitious agenda. For example, a rethinking of the disciplinary system means there’s now on-campus suspension where kids on both sides meet with counselors. There’s a new data management system. There are also efforts to make school a safer place for students of color. She’s a woman with drive & ambition and part of her mission is improving the PT school district.