No BOCC or Public Health Briefings on 12/27 Monday

As we know, many KPTZ listeners tune into the Public Health Briefings at the weekly Board of County Commissioners meetings, for the latest updates from Dr. Berry and Willie Bence. This coming Monday, December 27, all these public servants are taking a break. There will be no Commissioners meeting or public health updates. Instead, DJ host Donn Trethewey will play KPTZ’s Through Science to Health, featuring Jefferson Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joe Mattern to address the pandemic ~ starting at 9:45am Monday ~ here on 91.9 FM, KPTZ.

In lieu of Monday’s Public Health Briefings, at 9:45am KPTZ rebroadcasts the year-end edition of Through Science to Health. Dr. Joseph Mattern, Chief Medical Officer for Jefferson Health Care, joins KPTZ Host Chris Bricker for an informed discussion that helps us navigate the information overload surrounding COVID-19 and the Omnicron variant.