New on KPTZ: Intimacy in Under 10

KPTZ has added a new short feature to the station’s programming lineup! Under 10: A Mini Intimacy Podcast with Dr. Jessica Tartaro is the podcast now airing on 91.9FM, weekly on Thursdays from 5:20–5:30pm. Each episode includes an intimacy tool you can practice immediately to grow your feelings of connection across all your relationships. Click here for more about Under 10 and host Dr Jessica Tartaro.
“Healthy intimacy is not a given. It’s a practice. It asks you for discipline and consistency. And will reward you immeasurably with the kind of love and support you desire. When the resistance comes up, just imagine my voice cheering you on and saying, ‘just do it’, in support of you letting something soften, letting love in and trying again.” ~ Dr. Jessica Tartaro, from Under 10, Episode #45