Community Tides ~ 10/15

In this edition of Community Tides, Co-Hosts Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, speak with their special guest, Kelli Pareher, one of our County’s true treasures. Kelli’s contracted positions and duties with the County include the Proctor House – the Juvenile and Family Services alternative to Juvenile Detention – as manager of options for low, middle, and high-risk youth, She’s also a Master Trainer and facilitator to professionals on a state level, and she’s a consultant to the Center for Anti-Bullying and Non-Violence, in Denver, Colorado. Today, Kelli talks with us about her current endeavor, the OWL360-Pfeiffer House Sustainable Living Project. The Non-Profit serves our younger local population of 18 to 24 year olds who are in need of shelter and assistance. Through grants and contributions, an old Victorian house in Uptown has been converted to a center and living space.