County Public Health Report ~ 10/26

At today’s Public Health Briefings for the Jefferson County Commissioners, Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke and Willie Bence discussed:

Dr Locke:
• We are now in the third wave of the Covid pandemic, with Jefferson County now at 86 cases.
• Some Phase 3 activities are allowed here, even though Jefferson County is still under Phase 2 of the Safe Start program.
• School opening continues to go well, as example to other counties.
• The issues of indoor spread, since aerosols are causing spread.
• Encourages Flu vaccines to reduce risk of COVID-19.
• Discussion of testing accuracy and availability

Willie Bence:
• Mask availablity
• La Nina weather pattern may bring colder, wetter weather. Our Department of Emergency Management is preparing.
• People should prepare for storm situations with flashlights and supplies.