Through Science to Health ~ 6/12/20

Lynn Sorensen, RN, retired is a long-time community member of Port Townsend and an advocate for public health awareness and promotion. She is also a member of KPTZ’s Virus Watch and Emergency Response Team and offers information and commentary on the current COVID-19 pandemic response during interviews every other Friday this summer. Lynn and Chris Bricker, DJ host of Morning on the Salish continue KPTZ’s Through Science to Health series in a new time slot and day.

Their major topic of discussion this day was about Dr Tom Locke’s county-wide directive for people to wear a cloth mask if inside a business or outside when a 6-foot separation is not possible. Dr Locke issued a press release FAQ on June 9 about the mask directive that is now available on the Jefferson County website. The Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle and within Jefferson County are also addressed in the FAQ document. The reopening of Jefferson County to Phase 3 next week along with Clallam and Kitsap Counties will allow for larger group gatherings, thereby increasing the importance of wearing a mask. Cloth masks provide the most effective “source control” measure we have against the spread of the coronavirus.