Through Science to Health ~ 5/15/20

On Tossed Salad, host Phil Andrus and guest, Kate Keenan, Retired Communicable Disease Investigator from San Diego County, discussed a recent article by Dr.  Erin Bromage characterizing elements of environments that provide from the safest to the most risky chance of exposure to an infected person with COVID-19…..where as many as 50% of people with active infection are asymptomatic. 

As the state proceeds through the four phases of re-opening our community, outside settings with continued social distancing appear to provide the least risk of exposure, while small crowded settings with poor ventilation and crowded with people appear to be the most risky.  All individuals 65 of age and older are still advised to shelter in place and limit themselves to essential outings.  Outdoor activities still remain a good source of protection as well as a boost to one’s mental  health to everyone, along with continued hand-washing, masks and social distancing.