#152 Holly Mayshark, Quimper Merchantile

(First airdate: February 25, 2020) THE MERC’S SECRET WEAPON. Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Holly Mayshark, general manager of Quimper Mercantile. Most people who shop at Quimper Mercantile don’t realize that it’s a rather unique institution – a community-owned store. The “Merc,” as it’s affectionately called, has about 900 shareholders. Shares were sold at $100 a piece before opening in 2012. If the store makes a profit, it goes to employee profit sharing or store upgrades. Holly personally does most of the buying. The merchandise reflects her unique sense of beauty and style, including a lot of items from local artists & artisans. The Merc is a true reflection of Port Townsend’s eclectic spirit.