Tossed Salad for 12/07/2018

Although we are all waiting patiently for Santa, Phil Andrus Can’t Wait for Salad, so he will talk at 12:40 with Danny Milholland about the Chimacum Arts and Crafts Festival. Thereafter, Tossed Salad proper bring us:

1:00Shelly Leavens and Angie Bartlett, Jefferson County Historical Society
1:15Dennis Flannigan, seasonal notables
2:15Al Bergstein, “Olympic Peninsula Environmental News”
2:45Marla Streator, Quimper Grange
3:00Jeanie Murphy, “Banjo Tunes, Tunings and Lore”
3:45Heather Lovetree’s Sunfield middle school students in “Little Women”
4:15Tamera Vanover (Committee Chair) and Abra Debris (Administrator), for Sunfield’s Woodland Fair
4:30Deborah Kate Hammond, reading poetry to grace the airwaves

Coming Friday, December 14, noon to 5pm: Tossed Salad presents an extravaganza at City Hall, at the Museum of Art and History. More details here.