Out of Nowhere / Peter Robinson

Out of Nowhere, airing on Tuesdays from 3-5pm, is Peter Robinson’s indulgence in the freedom KPTZ offers its volunteer DJs to air whatever they want (FCC regulations limiting). His many musical loves include, in no special order: Blues, Jazz (earliest to current), Country, Country-Western, Old-time, Roots Rock, Rockabilly, all the many genres resulting from the amazing African musical diaspora throughout the world, Singer-songwriter, Folk, Latin, Reggae, and more. It’s really about roots. To quote Tony Allen, great Afrobeat drummer, arranger, band leader, composer: “One Tree, Many Roots”. And to quote Earl Lindo, longtime colleague of Taj Mahal: “Music Keeps Me Together”. Email Peter.

Peter Robinson is a lifelong music lover and collector, and closet noodler on guitar, banjo, and drums. He started Out of Nowhere many years ago with the encouragement of Bill Kiely and Phil Andrus, and with tutelage from Mike Schleckser and Nora Petrich. A Port Townsend resident since 1979, he has had the benefit of countless musical pleasures at the Ace of Cups, the Town Tavern, the pubs of Port Townsend, and wonderful Centrum programs to fertilize his already highly addicted love of many genres of what he calls proof of intelligent life in the Universe – harmony and music!