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Forty-six years ago David Bowie released Changes at a time when the world was in turmoil and the future was uncertain. Perhaps that is why its choral refrain is cycling through my brain as I write to you about KPTZ’s upcoming schedule change.

During the past six months we have been working on a plan to increase what KPTZ offers to you and our community. We are very proud of our current shows, which offer an astonishing variety of music and local information presented by our neighbors. While we have our excellent news magazine Compass, we do not have a daily local news program that often is the most important service a community radio can provide to its listeners. In addition we have relied for several hours a day on computer-delivered music to fill our schedule.

Our challenge has been to adjust our schedule to make room for local news, while making the least possible changes to established programs. Our opportunity has been to replace hours of non-hosted music with compelling national programs that complement our local talk shows.

A schedule change is complicated and has many moving puzzle pieces, so please bear with us as mistakes and miscues happen during the next week or two. It will take us longer to build our local news program, but we hope that you find our new schedule engaging. Our goal is to keep you tuned in to KPTZ.

~~Robert Ambrose, General Manager