FreeSpin & ReSpin / Ron McElroy

FreeSpin airs Fridays 5-7pm. DJ Host Ron McElroy says: 

The dictionary defines free as loose, able to move in any direction, and spin as a ride, as in an automobile. I named my program FreeSpin because I’d like to take you all on a musical ride to some of my favorite places. Join me, Your Good Rockin’ Daddy, for two hours of funky, bluesy & rockin’ tunes with a few spicy extras thrown in. Maybe some R & B, a little Zydeco or Tex-Mex, all of it guaranteed to keep a smile on your face and some happy in your feet. I spent the 60s in San Francisco, the center of the musical universe. Music was the cornerstone of my being then and continued into the 70s when my wife Lynne & I opened Quimper Sound Records and Tapes, spending 27 wonderful years in the best “job” in the world. 

Ron’s top 100 songs.

ReSpin, Ron’s curated Best of FreeSpin, airs from 7-8pm on Friday night, directly following FreeSpinEmail Ron.