Tossed Salad / Phil Andrus

In 1972, while seeking the return of a drill I had loaned for the construction of the new KRAB FM studio (Seattle, 107.7, really “the end”), I spoke with the station manager about the station’s lack of folk music in its programming. One week and five minutes of board operation training later, I was the host of “The Folk Show”, from three to six on Fridays. Drive time. “TGIF” time. When my meager collection of LPs had hit the turntables one too many times, I borrowed from friends’ collections and from the KING FM library, which had presented a folk-oriented show during the hootenanny era. Once I had exhausted those resources, I began presenting live music, which the focus of my show for the next decade. That led to producing a live broadcast from the Northwest Folklife Festival and to the production of several series of documentaries, the last of which, titled “Another Kind of Courage”, presented an oral history of draft resistance and conscientious objection. I will be editing many of those documentaries over the winter, for eventual broadcast on KPTZ. On KPTZ, I am the host of “Tossed Salad”, a radio variety show comprising live and recorded music and interviews. In the coming months, I will be adding to the mix readings of short stories, telephone interviews, and listener phone calls.

You can listen to selected recordings from past shows in Podcasts > Tossed Salad Special Guests.

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